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Like the subject says. It doesn't show up in the modal, and when you click submit it redirects you to the register.php page and shows that you need to check the box.

Also, the Captcha does not align properly in the modal. You can still see it and fill it out, but it's just a little wonky in appearance.

I redirected the "Register" button link to the Register.php page as a quick fix.

This was tested in "bootstrap", "united", and "simplete".

For your convenience.

Thanks for your time!

Blessings to you!


Possible Answers

    Captcha appears normally for me in the modal window when using Bootstrap.

    The agree to terms does not, which I am okay with since it's a free module. If you want users to be forced to agree to terms, then redirect the Register navigation link to the register page where it does embed itself.

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    But we both know that is not true because I just went to your site and switched to bootstrap by going to /settemplate.php?template=bootstrap and the register module is showing the captcha area. Then I switched to the united template by going to /settemplate.php?template=united and saw the exact same thing. I can not test the issue on the simplete template because you've modified it so that the modal window does not load.

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    I meant to put "Show up 'correctly' in the register modal" in the subject, but after I caught my mistake I couldn't go back and edit it, because this support area throws an error when I try to do that.

    Besides, the Captcha does show up, and I did say that in the body of my original post, but it's distorted in appearance.

    The "Agree to Terms", however, isn't even there.

    Also, for your convenience, I just tested it on, "cerulean", "cosmo", "cyobrg", "pintin", "slate", "spruce", "superhero", "amelia", and "arundigi", and the problem is persistent throughout all of these templates.

    If you want to see what it looks like for simplete, then just look at "simpletetest".

    Also, I find it disturbing that you can even do that. I would like to know how to disable that ability for the public.

    Yankidank also registered on my site earlier, and was verified, but I show no email on file for him, which is also disturbing. These are security risks users should be aware of.



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    The reason that my account does not have an email address on your site is because I signed in through Twitter, which doesn't allow you to import user email addresses through the API.

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    Cool. Please moderate or delete this?

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    Also it should be noted that everything you find to be disturbing and a security hole is neither.

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    I am not able to reproduce this anywhere. Both of those module use the hook placement of {$register_step_1_extra} and are appearing correctly. I can only assume you are using a template where the author failed to add in the proper hooks or have made customizations to core files which has now corrupted those from showing up.

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    (This was tested in "bootstrap", "united", and "simplete".)

    The Author of United is you, Chuck. =/


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