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Thanks For Yankidank.
Amazing Site of Pligg New Version.
I will try in masonry layout. but... bootstrap not support in masonry jquery or wookmark jquery. any idea? How to add masonry in pligg sites? pls help me.

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    I'm working on a gallery template for Pligg using masonry. It will be ready for sale in few days. Here is what I have so far

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    Thanks For Your Support.

    Am Add This Way...

    Pligg.tpl add to...



    var $container = $('#container');

    $container.imagesLoaded( function(){


    itemSelector : '.item'





    link_summary.tpl add to...

    .item div start and end.

    link_summary code

    style.css add to

    .item {

    width: 33%;


    This code Not work my site.

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    I hope to build a gallery-based template for Pligg CMS within the next couple weeks. The design won't be based on a masonry layout, but it should at least provide a starting point for those looking to embed media in a gallery-type layout.

    What issues have you come across with tryign to implement a masonry type layout with Bootstrap? Is there conflicting JavaScript or CSS?

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