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ACS is not properly being displayed on the homepage and comments page. I am using the default bootstrap theme at the moment. The thumbnail on the homepage is being displayed on the right side of the post instead of next to ratings (see attached screenshot).

Also, the youtube video I tried to embed did not show up within comments page.

Please let me know what to check or whether I am missing anything.


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    Thanks for the link.. It helps to take a close look at things.

    Ok first thing is that you are not using the stand alone ACS because that uses the float:left; command, and the ACS for Social Pro uses the float:right; command. From viewing your source code I can tell which version you are using and it's defiantly not the stand alone.

    Ok now on with thy the video is not displaying.This is most likely because of a javascript conflict with that free contactable module.

    A possible work around is to go into your installed/active modules list and make sure the ACS is listed above the Contactable module. You can sort it by dragging and dropping it above it if necessary.

    There was a Pligg bug I pointed out a while ago that nobody has yet to look into. This seems to be the exact same issue. You can read more about it here. Hope that helps.

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    Also I forgot to mention.

    Make sure you've configured it correctly from the module settings page. Make sure you have entered your API key into the settings form and clicked save.

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    Thanks, ACS thumbnail is good to go.

    As for the YouTube video, the issue is still there. I disabled Contactable module and posted a new YouTube url but the issue is still there. ACS module was already on top of Contactable module in the admin panel.

    Any other workarounds for this?


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    From visiting your site and and viewing the source of the story page. I don't see the embed code being inserted into the page. There are only 2 reasons that would allow that to happen. The first is that there isn't a proper API key saved in the settings page, Or there is some other module you are running that is conflicting with the java-script.

    The ACS is one of the most popular modules and has been around for several years. It just doesn't 'not' work.

    Try deactivating all non-default modules and clearing your template cache from the admin.

    Let me know your results.

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    I deactivated all non default modules and ACS started working. So then I installed additional modules one by one and tested out ACS. I found out that Google Analytics module is having a conflict with ACS. ACS API key gets erased whenever I enable the Google Analytics module.

    Is there a way around this? Let me know your thoughts.


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    I am actually using the standalone version and the image is still placed on the right hand side.

    Below is the link. I entered the youtube URL in the first step of the submission process. So I am using the URL as the submission URL.


    Let me know your thoughts.


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    Hi there!

    The thumbnail is supposed to be on the right hand side for the Social Pro Kit version of the ACS. The standalone version puts it on the left.

    Can you give me a link to your story page? It looks like you might be be trying to submit a Youtube link inside the story description instead of using the actual video link as the submission url but it's impossible to say from a screenshot.

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