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Are there any plans of letting users create their own categories?

If not, can someone point me to which part of the code I need to look into to start implementing this for my own pligg site? Would it be feasible to implement this feature as a module? I'm fairly new to the code base.

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    I kind of think the groups feature already does something similar. I'm not sure if letting people create their own specific categories would be a good idea. From a programming standpoint it would be a huge change that would require a lot of time an money. Currently all users are automatically subscribed to each public category the admin creates. They do have the option to unsubscribe from any of them through the user profile settings. If users could create categories that list to unsubscribe to would grow exponentially and make it very difficult for regular uses to handle. Groups on the other hand can be created publicly or privately and people have to opt-in.

    Also allowing people to create their own categories would add another way for abuse. People would create categories with domain names, spam keywords, and a bunch of other stuff that could much up your search engine performance

    You could always create a category called "Category Suggestions" and let people submit and vote on categories the active uses would like to have on a site, and then just create them manually if there is enough interesting in a topic.


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    Interesting idea! This is similar to reddit's r/subreddit but it won't be easy to implement on Pligg.

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