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I'm considering using Pligg for a new project. Is there something like a REST API that I can use to create a native mobile version of the site?

If not, what are the possible ways to create native mobile apps using the Pligg framework?

Thanks for any advice!

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    Well, there is a rudimentary API in Pligg that you might use to build a mobile APP around.

    Look under Libs/API.

    The API is off by default but instructions on enabling is in the installation text file.

    The API may need some tweaking and extending but it's a start.

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    Thanks, I've checked out the API in the libs folder and it's a good start.

    I also found this post that documents the API a bit more thoroughly.

    It highlights some issues with the API that I guess I'd have to custom code to overcome.

    Are there any developers working on the API to make it more robust? In my opinion, mobile really is the way to go and a better API would take Pligg to the next level.

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