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I was managing accounts, more exactly I was deleting spam users. At the one point system stopped working and closed. Afterwars I cannot login and in the database all registered users became spammers. Links as well. How can I fix it?

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    You deleted spammers and links' spammers? If system has a reference to a link or a comment and the user now not exist, the database fails. Do you have much users and links in your Pligg site? Can you please, tell me what is your site URL?

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    Create a brand new user you can login as.

    You'll need an email address that your Pligg doesn't have anyone 'registered as' already.

    Login/out a couple times to test.

    Use Your PHPMyAdmin to set this new user to god (version 1.2.x) or admin (version 2.x) depending on Your Pligg version.

    Login and go to user management to fix any users that were set to 'spammer' accidentally. Remember to 'Enable' those users again after resetting their user level.

    Go to story management and recover your stories that were set to Spam and/or discarded.

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