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I had like 50 submission held on Akismet and I skimmed through it and selected all as spam!

Now I'm locked out of my own pligg site... how in the world can the admin be flagged as spam? isn't there some protection for that?

Most, importantly, how do I log back in as admin?


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    Here I can answer the last question if you can not access the admin panel. To enter again with admin you must access the database and restore your login as admin or god in pligg_users table (do not delete your encrypted password). And if you want the pligg_modules chart you can find the Akismet module and remove it.

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    When activated, the Pligg spam module disables the 'spammer', sets the account to 'spammer' and I think it also changes the password. Been my experience anyway.

    What I've done in the past is: Get into the user portion of the database, re-enable the user, set the user to admin (or god in 1.2.2 and earlier versions) and double check that the email address is a 'known good' working address. Save your changes and login from a second browser window.

    If you get a 'bad password' response on this attempt, just use the 'forgot password mechanism' to the 'known good email address' and follow the directions in the email.

    --- OR --

    You can setup a new user account then get back into the database as above but set the user to admin ((or god in 1.2.2 and earlier versions). You won't need to set anything else in the database but the user level with this method and once you're in you can fix the old user. Manage ---> Users

    -- Further Discussion --

    I wouldn't disable Akismet. I would be more careful in the future and I'd wonder why Akismet thought my post was spam (if that was what happened). I've lost admin accounts and never figured out why but figured I did something dumb!

    And I'd reserve my 'admin level account' for administration only (and don't name it admin, Pligg, or administration). Posts should probably be handled from a second user account. You should be able to register admin and administration also then disable those two users to keep hackers out of them and to keep another Pigg user from trying to register as that. set them to 'Spammer'!!!

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    Thanks for the thorough response!

    I had to create a new user account and then go into tables and give it God Admin rights.

    Even though I changed everything back to Admin from spammer, the whole account gets disable. All the posts submitted with that user-admin name were sent to spam. I had to manually re publish them. Good thing I only had like 100 submissions.

    the Akismet.. I supposed 1 of my submission got caught in the filter and I killer spam all stories in there, hence killer-spamming myself.

    It's been hell trying to get everything back to normal. It's a new web, so no worries, but be very careful ya'll. After some many spam cleaning at some point your bound to kill spam yourself. No recommended.

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    Whoops, I forgot about the articles getting tossed into the 'spam' state. Yeah, I had to go through that, too. I think I pulled up just the spam 'list' and it was a quick enough fix from there.

    Most of my articles come in via RSS now and each feed has it's own user so that's not as big a problem but I was using my own accounts at first for RSS feeds, too.

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    You may have noticed that in the above post I didn't call the user table 'pligg_users' either. That's something that only works if you set the database table prefix to 'pligg_' during install or upgrades.

    Some of my Pligg installs don't use that as they run several Pliggs in one database or are running under Multi-Pligg. I figured I'd better mention that before someone calls me out on it or it confuses someone.

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