Pligg Support - A lot of Pligg Users...... A lot of Pligg Users are absolute 'Newbies'! Nothing wrong with that. I applaud your efforts knowing they are based on dreams and aspirations of commercial success, contributing to your outside interests/activities and even furthering the betterment of the total online community. But...... I think you forget your first goal which should be to get Pligg up and running then tested well. If there's a problem in your 'out of the box' install then changing themes, languages, and adding modules will most likely just add to your problems. If your htaccess file isn't 'ready for prime time' then changing SEO methods will probably make things worse. If your users/visitors have issues logging in and/or posting then don't add Facebook modules and different themes until you have a good handle on the login issue. If your submissions wind up in the discard or worse bin then fix that first. Karma won't save you until you pay Karma it's due!! So don't try fixing your 'live' issues with the Karma module. There are readme files for most everything within Pligg. All themes and modules I've seen have readme files. If you have a Windows based computer then do yourself a favor and grab a program like Total Commander and browser your downloads with it. You'll most likely see the readme files and can actually read them from that program. Print them out! Highlight and make notes on your printouts!!! Then, when you ask a question, you'll have a little bit of an idea of what you really need Read More to ask. And ask one question per post then wait for an answer. Posting twice or adding to your original post doesn't help. You can't 'bump' a post here by adding a comment. Google might help you, too. There's a defunct forum here that is still available 'read only' which may have your answer and there are other sites that might have the answer you need. Google and then Google some more instead of asking the same question over and over here. Or spend some time hanging in chat with us. I'm usually there.. So is ChuckRoast and Yankidank. My chat client even flashes and blinks when there's activity there. Go ahead and ask your question... then wait for a answer. You may ask again when someone new enters the chat room. Read everything you can find. Those of us who do try to help here usually run several websites and are responsible for other sites. We have lives and families outside of Pligg. We have projects on the back burner that we'd like to work on instead of reading posts that ask questions where the answer is already available. Or a new post that asks the same question again. And again. And do your homework. If you have no clue about any of this then read, practice and learn. And when you do have a handle on all this then just maybe you'll make yourself available to help others...... Sun, 05 Jan 2014 10:36:40 EST en <![CDATA[Answer #1094]]> Fri, 03 Jan 2014 17:50:14 EST user_1554882 0 1094