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A discussion came up tonight in the IRC room. Yankidank believes that vendors are employees of Pligg. I disagree because using the same analogy every app store developer is an employee of Apple. What are your thoughts?.

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    This post stems from a private conversation that I was having with Chuckroast in an IRC chat room. I was trying to describe to him how I think that he should respect me like a boss, which I only meant in a figurative way. He blew the conversation out of proportion and I decided to leave the room to let him cool down.

    I think this post is causing some confusion about the relationship between Pligg and Vendors, so I'd like to clarify the licensing and payment terms:


    As described on the Terms and Conditions page ( ), we make no claim to the ownership of your items. Vendors are treated as third party developers who are listing their non-tangible items for sale on You retain all copyright and ownership for the products listed in the Pligg Downloads area.


    Vendors earn a commission ranging from 60-80% of the purchase price. If you do your homework, you will see that we offer a very competitive rate when compared to other online marketplaces like Envato. We also have very flexible terms, not limiting you or punishing you for publishing your products on another site.

    The percentage is meant to be a fluctuating amount. There are no exact rules in place as to what will get you up to 80%, as we are still trying to work the details out. The basic idea is that if you contribute open source code to Pligg CMS or the Pligg community (via support or free items), we will boost your commission. If you receive a lot of positive reviews for your products, we feel that is also deserving of a higher commission.

    The money that Pligg LLC earns from Vendor sales goes towards hiring developers to work on Pligg CMS, server fees, licenses, professional fees, freelance services, marketing, and other resources to help Pligg CMS grow. Think of your commissions as an investment in building a better Pligg.

    At this time we are only able to provide payments to Vendors via Paypal. We are hoping to set up Paypal Adaptive payments so that as purchases are made, Vendors will be paid their commission immediately for the item. Currently, due to this site being new and still in need of some testing, we are having issues with orders being marked as processed when using this method. Due to this error, payments will be manually approved as we try to resolve the issue.

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    I have read the Terms during my registration because it only appears when I click Apply For Vendor.

    With that said, I have no problem whatsoever with the Vendor Terms (though I don't like the User Account Terms).

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    Your analogy is correct.

    They would work like contractors, or programmer mercenaries, but are not directly accountable in the sense an employee would be.

    Yankidank can certainly change that for new devs, though, if he wants accountability.

    More importantly, however, is that Chuck's public response is not appropriate.

    This kind of energy is better spent towards fixing bugs.


    Be of good cheer, gentlemen! Haha


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    Thanks for your advice in the IRC room Ivan. I suppose I should contact my lawyer and most likely the IRS since he is refusing communication yet still is open to making money from my products and services.

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    Just now seeing this.

    No Worries, man. Glad to talk things out.

    I wish that you guys could work it out!

    What a sad situation! :(

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    I couldn't agree more. The time would be much better utilized fixing things however that requires communication. Yankidank has once again stuck his fingers in his ears and cut off communication with the only developer that has stayed with him for 8 years. The other developer gets paid by him through the profit from my premium modules. So it's hard to move on with no communication of clarification on where vendors stand. If he wants to employ vendors then he will need to file the appropriate tax forms if I'm not correct.

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    I see what you are saying....

    Well, I don't see why Vendors here can't work like in other places.

    You mentioned Apple, and there are Facebook apps, and Android Apps, and all sorts of other things where the vendors receive a commision.

    You should definitely receive some kind of commission for the modules you create unless you are donating them to Pligg.

    Even so, at least a little something would be appropriate, and then in the future, when Pligg is on its feet better you can arrange a larger commission from those apps.

    It all depends on your feelings, I suppose.


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    Actually my point is not about the commission until it becomes a point where that commission is not considered commission anymore and is considered a paycheck.

    The difference between 3rd party contractor and an employee is pretty clear here in the states. If you are self employed the person contracting can't call himself your boss. Not unless he wants to employ you and pay your taxes.

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    I'd just be like... "Yeah, you're my boss, but not legally. I will support you, but if you want a full blown power trip then you need to legally employ me. That being said, I would prefer to be a 3rd party contractor, because it gives me freedoms that I appreciate."

    Now, if he really wants to employ you so that he can be boss, then I would imagine he would make the deal sweeter as an employee rather than a contractor.

    At least that's where I see it going. =/


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    Attached files are not showing up.

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    I think it's fine for the marketplace owner to take commissions such as the case in ThemForest, CreativeMarket, IPB, etc.

    I'll wait for Yankidank's explanation or blog about it because I applied for Vendor too during registration.

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    Again this has absolutely nothing to do with commissions. This has to do with licensing. By becoming a vendor you are allowing Pligg to sell your products and take a commission. You are not an employee of Pligg LLC earning a paycheck. That's where Yanidank and I disagree. He feels that once you are a vendor, you are an employee and therefore under his control. This is not the case and should be clarified

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    I see Yankidank has down-voted this discussion and decided not take part in it. Pretty sad really.

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