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Getting a 403 error in two situations: when I try to logout and when I click the submit button as a non-logged in user.

Currently, I'm using SEO 1 (tried using 2, but links were constantly redirecting).

Was wondering if anyone has encountered this error and if there are any fixes.

Thanks you!

Possible Answers

    Error 403 means forbidden. It means you have files on your server that do not have the proper chmod permissions.

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    Hey Chuck, thanks for the reply. All CHMODs are correct, but unfortunately that didn't fix the issue. Any other thoughts on this? Maybe an htaccess problem?

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    Another suggestion I heard from 'elsewhere' is to clear your browser's cache. Switch to a different computer, laptop or browser type just to see.

    But I think it's related to the login.php myself.

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    If all the files were set right you shouldn't see this error.

    When you try a story submission and are not logged in, submit will redirect you to the login page. So I'm wondering if login.php itself is set wrong.

    The first problem, where you logout and get the 403 error, might be related to login.php also as login.php probably deals with logouts......... But I'm guessing now..... Hee Hee

    The little login pop up that allowed you to login is most likely a function from somewhere else (maybe a library directory file) which explains why that doesn't show the problem possibly.

    So try rechecking the individual root directory files. And login.php.

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    Thanks for 2cents jhawkin. When not logged in a clicking submit it does redirect me to the login page, but only when I'm using SEO method 2. I'm currently using SEO method one because I was running into issues with 2.

    I take a look at the login.php and see if anything funky is going on there.

    Thanks again.

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