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I had downloaded and installed the Pligg 2.0 with amelia template but when I am doing enable .htaccess file, I got 500 Internal Server Error. Without .htaccess file some pages returns page not found error like when click on submit button it returns 404 error and when I am trying to open submit page with submit.php then it's working. I need your help to run my site properly with the use of SEO urls by properly worked .htaccess file. Can any body please help me to sort out this issue?
Thanks in Advance!!!

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    Beyond what jhawkin said about using the default template to make sure everythign works fine from the get go, there may be other issues at fault related to your server's settings or implementation of the .htaccess file.

    If you are running Pligg in a subdirectory ( or subdomain ( you need to review and edit the .htaccess file contents. It won't work out of the box in those situations.

    Another possible cause may be your server's support for mod_rewrite and related security settings. Are you certain that your host allows for .htaccess files?

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    I'm not sure but here's my take on all this:

    The Amelia Template seems to be provided by an outside vendor.

    'Out of the Box' Pligg should run okay using the template from the distro and the items that come with it.

    Why don't you backtrack and reinstall just the distro then get that running. Test drive it for a time and get any issues out of the way.

    Then install (or try to install) any different templates you want or modules you feel you need?

    Or change your SEO method after you see everything running well.

    HTAccess is tricky at times but the default file usually works out of the box. It's when you try to tweak things that it starts to break or else something else isn't right and tossing other factors in just clouds the whole problem up.

    One step at a time.

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    Problem not solved!

    SEO method 2 is not working.

    500 Error

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    Hey Guys!!

    Sorry to say that I can't do it. I have tried all the ways that you have suggested one by one but when I am trying to enable .htaccess file my site returns "500 Interenal Server Error". How can i fix this issue??

    I think, I should run my site without .htaccess file and SEO settings.

    Thanks to all for the support.

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    Thanks for the reply to both of you. I had changed the template to default and disabled the .htaccess file.I have also changed the seo urls to default and now it working but the activation link is not working when i am trying to create a account as a new user.

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    Now tackle that htaccess file. That may fix your other problem with 'activation'! You really need a htaccess. killing it just gives you a way to determine if that file is the problem or not.

    Once you get that fixed, add the seo friendly urls htaccess code and test, test, test.

    Once all that is working you can try installing different templates as you wish.

    One step at a time.

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