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How i can remove thumbs?
i don't need them and i want to show only original sized images.
(But i need also max size for them i think)
pligg categories getting 404 error seo 2 method and link urls working fine

where is the prbolem

i need a away to force members to add an attachment or photo before they complete their submit please

Good afternoon, I would like to know how to put adsense ad in some of the tpl Pligg, could someone help?
Hi, i am new and pligg. Today i install pligg in my site, but in the log show this errors:

[20-Mar-2014 05:26:11] PHP Warning: Table '****_pligg.pligg_files' doesn't exist in /*********/libs/db.php on line 479

How can i fixed?
Can I Modify The "Like" Notifications to a personal message when the thumbs up is pushed?

Also is there a possible way I can remove the thumbs and put something else in its place?
I'd like to change the redirect upon story submission from the 'New.php' page to the Home page. Any suggestions?
Would it be possible to sort "search results" according to the number of votes, or according to the number of comments?
hi im using pligg 2.0.1 latest version and just purchased Member plus but when i install it it works fine as far as i can see but it stops the profile access drop down and the pnup from dropping down to i have uninstalled all modules and just had it running on its own and it does the same thing up to now i have had to disable it untill it can be solved. thx in advance
Yesterday all of a sudden the tag cloud became empty and nothing shows up under the Tag block in the sidebar. I don't know what could have done this or what I can do.