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I understand Pligg has been sold. What are the new owners plan going forward?

This that are still not working on the Support and the Downloads sections:

Download Section, just a specimen of the issues:
1- -> Login for download
I am already logged in. When clicking the button it takes me to the account page and shows that I am logged in!

2- -> Download -> -> 404

Support Section:
1- Clicking on any pagination link from the Popular section takes us to
2- Clicking on any pagination link from the New section takes us to
3- Clicking on a pagination link from the tag search takes us to -> 404
4- Clicking on a pagination link from the profile tabs takes us to -> 404
5- Searching using the search box TAKES US TO THE BLOG RESULT PAGES
6- Clicking REPLY to a comment takes us to a 404
I think I fixed a small bug in the twitter login app.
It was requireing you to authorize the app everytime you logged in.

In twitter.php I changed the line from "public function authorizeURL() { return self::$TW_API_ROOT.'/authorize'; }"
function authorizeURL() { return self::$TW_API_ROOT.'/authenticate'; }"

and that seems to have done the trick.
Now if I can only get facebook to pull in the user image I'd be golden.

Anywho. Check out what I'm doing at and let me know what you think.
When I want to download some plugin there is a problem. Go to login. OK I login and nothing happen. Just go to This happen with Agree to Terms Free plugin and Spam Trigger plugin.
Hello (again),
on my site I do not want submitted links to require a number of votes before they are published to the front page. I have turned this off by editing the settings under:

Voting > Votes to publish > Number of votes before story is sent to the front page > 0

This seems to work okay but is anyone aware of any problems that it might cause?

Thank you, bye,
The Last Logged in Users Widget is not working at all. I found and fixed the following (click the link to view the explanation):

You can get the fix from my Pligg fork at:
[ASK] how to limit the number of characters that appear in the notice publish news?

please see the pictures that I attach
It has been a long time since Facebook Module Login stopped working. Please let me know in how many days will it start working?
Thank You.
The Statistics Widget was returning "UNKNOWN" for the MySql version. To fix it:
Open /widgets/statistics/templates/widget.tpl
On LINE 138, delete this bloc of code between the {php} and {/php}. It is returning an empty array:
function find_SQL_Version() {
$output = shell_exec('mysql -V');
preg_match('@[0-9]+.[0-9]+.[0-9]+@', $output, $version);
if ($version[0] != ''){
return $version[0];
return 'Unknown';
echo find_SQL_Version();

Replace it with the following block, between the {php} and {/php}
$link = mysqli_connect(localhost,EZSQL_DB_USER,EZSQL_DB_PASSWORD);
/* check connection */
if (mysqli_connect_errno()) {
printf("Connect failed: %sn", mysqli_connect_error());
$my_sql = mysqli_get_server_info($link);
//$my_sql returns will be something like the version and -log (5.5.24-log). we have to just grab the version number
$my_sql_version = substr($my_sql, 0, strpos($my_sql, "-"));
echo $my_sql_version;
Got a user whose email address uses one of the newer domain suffixes (.press) and the system won't let him register because it claims the email address is invalid. I assure you all the address is 100% legit. I assume there's a whitelist of domain suffixes buried somewhere in the /lib/ files but can't find it. Anyone else run into this problem? Solutions?