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I'm wondering if there is a way for an administrator to set the time that new links are published?

Is this possible with any of the existing modules or templates? Or might I need to figure this out on my own?

Appreciate any insight you may have,


Not able to find this answer or related questions when searching.

Is it possible to allow users to submit posts that are not links? Just text title and description?

Hey, is there any way to send a verification email to users after they join and the account only gets activated after verification.
hey guys...I use wampserver to host my pligg site I can't seem to access the admin panel (manage,settings,template,modules) but I can still access widgets I used windows so I didn't "Chmod" I tried using icacls but still didn't change the results I tried using Xamp but the results are the same...I did research the web for an answer thoroughly so I wasn't lazy I'll be glad if you guys can help thanks :-)
In my site latest post not showing on the home page.. How to do? Can you explain clearly
When I tried to submit my first story, it did not go through and URL is invalid or blocked
i login for download but i can not download Google Analytics. why? is it not free?