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Hi all, an user from my site has a .world domain, when trying to send a story pligg gives a error message: Invalid url or already sent. I'm pretty sure is because of the new domains length.

I'm struggling a bit trying to find where the URL domain is checked, searching in submit.php but I guess there's other function in other file I can't find (check_actions maybe?), any help would be appreciated, thanks!
In my mailbox area "from" is blank!
in submit_groups.php on line 119 im set in
$from = "";
but not work too
Given the lack of documentation for this module, it's a mystery to me how I actually got it working to begin with.

Does ANYONE (if anyone is actually here) know how to configure the Welcome Email Module?
1. How to add SMTP server
2. How to add auth ID
3. How to add auth pw
4. How to add port # for my mail host

Editing the actual email is the easy part, even thought it's absolutely terrible in terms of usability. Thanks in advance!
When I add a new story, and choose to add it to the group why me redirect the group after giving?

Me need redirect to page!
@Redwine - please give me your @mail!
Is it possible to upgrade the captcha on this site to Google newest reCaptch? The ads are annoying as hell to sit through, especially the ones for alcohol, etc. i don't drink, and neither does my teenage son who works with me, and has to sit thru them too.

thx / reg
Hi there,

I have a website and I manually add my own content and really fed up with that. I want people, visitors become member of my website and can post under any page. I don't want to change the layout of my website. You can suppose that I need plug-ins for my Non-WP web page.

I need membership and content adding modules. I can buy some more cool stuff if they suit my website.

Here is my website for you to check:

It is an online abbreviation dictionary and I want my visitors add some abbreviations and what they stand for to my website.

Thanks in advance.