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Is there a way to merge the url submit page with a page where you select the category and write the description?

has anyone experience with rss import and ebay partner network?

I'd like to use the Rss Import with the heyoupro theme so the images are shown

Any help would be great

I need your help.

I made some changes in the normal admin panel. After that the site "crashed" and now I just can see some html text - I can not even log in.

Does someone have a solution for that?

Is there a possibility to delete some files in the admin area with FTP so that it is working again (to get the standard settings again)?



Best regards,
some content of admin panel after translating still showing in english like :
"Local Spam Ruleset" or "Main Spam Ruleset" or ..
can you help me?

I think I need to open a new "submission" because the other one is too confused and now I got another problem.

If I change just one option in the admin panel, I lose the connection to the database and no content is shown anymore.

After that I need to get the backup of my provider

What can I do?

Some time i want to set some story on top so everybody can notice the story.
But I can't find place to do this .
Is it possible to manually set one or more story on top of the list?