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How can I edit :

1) Number of page below page? Refer attach file
2) create button more on top beside groups?
hi! Sorry for my english, I translate sperevodchikom Google.
Install pligg 2.0.1. I can not install the template none slider (jQuery + css3). In the source code page, all the files needed for the slider,. Js uploaded on to the page. But not Leafs slider (change) images. Tested on two sliders.
Slider ResponsiveSlides.js, test site
Html page slider works, but in pligg 2.0.1 does not work.

Error slider

Sv9t 400 days ago Discuss 
hi! ResponsiveSlides.js set slider template theme bootstrap. But he did not rabotaet.Ne flips the image. All the files needed to run the slider template prescribed. 2 tested the slider, they do not work. Test site Please help!
thank you!
Hallo quys, does exist some way for mass import for stories?

Thanks for request.
When I try to upload my avatar i got this error "An error occured while uploading your avatar.". Many users complained to me. So Please anyone help me?

And another one issue

When user try to use forgotten password . We will receive "Message delivery failed" .

It's a serious issue to my site

Yankidank and pligg developers please help me...
i wonder why the External Vote Button (EVB) is hidden in the modules section of the modules store, but google finds it unter
does it work with the latest pligg version, will there be a new version of the EVB?
pleas i want know why when i create page don't show in my home thanks
When i upload picture using URL, the pictures doesn't upload in my server and in RSS show invalid url
I installed "uploading module" and when I need upload many of pictures(example 30pix) it wery long, because i push on the button many times.
It's not comfortable.
How I can to do mass upload pictures?
chuckroast, as you do not support any contact option on your shop/site (why not?), maybe you can answer here.
your Abyss Antispam Module doesn´t save the Stop Forum Spam Api Key that i registered for my site. the field still stays blank after saving. can you please help?