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I'm trying to get a drag-and-drop web form builder working with pligg. I got the 15 extra fields up to 40, but find myself somehow blocked with CSS issues when rendering the template.
Here's what I'm using:

Anyone succeeded with this?
Hi, I've been trying to mess with the code to remove the "who voted" from the comments area, and "upvoted/downvoted" from the user profile page.

What do I need to edit to remove these? I tried, but it kept messing up the site.

Thanks in advance :)
Please, i need help. When a story is clicked, it opens up a blank page, instead of a page showing the full story. The blank page still has the title of the story in the browser. please, how can i rectify this to be showing the page with the full story? I'm using pligg 2.0.1 and the heyou pro template.
Please help.
I'm interested in starting my first Pligg site, but I want it to be completely focused around RSS feeds imported into it.

From the reviews of the plugin, I get the feeling that it's a little broken.

Does this plugin currently work with the latest version of Pligg? Will it work with a fresh Pligg install, and all reviews complaining about errors, have just modified their Pligg install too much?

Since the site I want to make would revolve heavily around this plugin, I was hoping to get this answered before even attempting a Pligg setup.

Can somebody please reply and let me know?
The title explains itself. It would be very interesting if this is possible in a certain way.
how to make a voting module in bootstrap site
How can I edit :

1) Number of page below page? Refer attach file
2) create button more on top beside groups?
hi! Sorry for my english, I translate sperevodchikom Google.
Install pligg 2.0.1. I can not install the template none slider (jQuery + css3). In the source code page, all the files needed for the slider,. Js uploaded on to the page. But not Leafs slider (change) images. Tested on two sliders.
Slider ResponsiveSlides.js, test site
Html page slider works, but in pligg 2.0.1 does not work.

Error slider

Sv9t 429 days ago Discuss 
hi! ResponsiveSlides.js set slider template theme bootstrap. But he did not rabotaet.Ne flips the image. All the files needed to run the slider template prescribed. 2 tested the slider, they do not work. Test site Please help!
thank you!