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I installed the pligg and added some entries but nothing is shown on homepage please help me
I moved my website to new hosting provider. The result is all website site is working fine except main home page. The page is blank. When i go to the rest of the pages all is ok. Any suggestion what i need to modify to get my website back with no blank front page.
I recently bought the Heyou template. I've followed the steps to remove the register feature with the help of the Pligg forums. But when I remove the register button from the header on the Heyou Template it breaks the template and nothing appears on the page except for the background.

Hope you can help.

Hello everybody, I just want to ask about the code adding.
How can I add Google Ads code in to my site?
can somebody let me know that how can i customize pligg site.
What is the best way to upgrade from 1.2.2 to 2.0? The database is about 2 gbs in size.
Nice software. However in my use case I actually don't want any users to be able to submit anything new; just the admin. Users should still be able to sign up, log in, vote, etc. Just not submit or see anything about submitting. How can I do this?

For some reason the 'Add to saved stories' link is not working on my new site. I have installed the latest version of Pligg 2.0 RC2.

I have spent some trying to fix this but couldn't. Anybody have any idea on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance.
how to create a multilingual website?
Hi, i just stumbled into Pligg and am amazed by the professional quality of the app.
I would like to deploy Pligg on a a cloud server which I could scale up if needed based on user volume. Is there any recommendation on where this could be hosted? (Amzon EC2 or any PaaS). Really appreciate any guidance. thanks