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Hi there,

Can anybody help i am receiving this message

ogs/antispam.log does not exist

When ever i try to submit a new story. Any help would be great thanks

I have the following error with facebook connect module.

When someone creates a account with the module the email field of the user in the database is blank.

So when the next person is creating a account with the plugin he gets the error "email already exists" because the plugin wants to create another account with a blank email value.

How can I fix this?
I have created a page "search-web" URL and pasted Google Custom Search code in it. Unfortunately, the search result page fails. When the search results are returned the page URL query page.php?page=search-web is terminated and page.php?page=cx...... is returned with no search results?
I have the search box in the same page as the one I would like to have the results returned.

you could check the page here:
Dear Pligg Developers,

How I to create Under Construction Page in Pligg 2.0

When a user clicks submit, it shows a guideline on top. Is there anyway to change what it says? How about the part that ask for Unique News Link, is there a way to change that also?

Can I change number icon to another small icon while putting the number counter next to the picture?
can anyone tell me why I upload photo failed and show time out? i use the template
Can somebody let me know how to verify pligg site in Google webmaster tools?
From last 10 days i am facing problem adding google adsense code in my pligg site.

Can somebody let me know why it is happen?

I was looking for a module to automatically create user accounts for phpBB when a new Pligg user is created in the Pligg database. I found an older phpBB Pligg module. but looks like it does not work on Pligg 2.0.0. Please let me know if anyone has this working on Pligg 2.0.0.