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i test all links of my web site online and find this problem:
i use URL_method 2 for SEO and all links work fine except this:
in ROOT/libs/html1.php file (line 801)
elseif ($x == "login") $ret = "/login.php?return=" . urlencode($var1);
I try this and work 50% good:
elseif ($x == "login") $ret = "/login/";
but when users logout and they submit link with bookmarklet the Submitting URL Gone because i Remove {{ . urlencode($var1)}}
how can i change this line that everythings work perfectly?
Hello, I try get RSS Import module. So I log in, go to the download page, there it says I have to log in, so I log in again, go to the download page, there it says I have to log in, etcetera loop.

Is there an alternative way to get this module?

My browser: FFox under Linux/OpenSuse. Cleared cache etc.

Thanks and best regards,


PS: EDITED: Cant remove this post. It is solved now. I don;t know how, but all is okay. Thanks.
Installled everything per ReadMe. I have access to the Admin Panel and all the settings seem to be okay and working, however; I can't view the actual website when I go to my URL. Anyone else ever had this issue?

Every week or so, I cannot access beyond main page, due to a bad gateway 502 error. Any ideas? thx / mike
I'm looking for referrals for a good, inexpensive Pligg developer, excellent communication and php chops, ideally in the US. (inexpensive =
Anyone here have experience using CleanTalk with Pligg? I'm spending too much time manually removing spam registrations and CleanTalk looks to be a good solution.
See: | thx/ mike
How can I do - posts added to the site only from Domain Whitelist? Other go to the site to add to forbid by default

PS sorry for my English
file name: user_navigation.tpl
file location: /templates/bootstrap/
afte these lines:
{checkActionsTpl location="tpl_show_extra_profile"}
{if $Allow_Friends} --- ....--->
{if $is_friend && $user_login neq $user_logged_in || $is_mutual}
in pligg default theme,
there is a problem with this section, because:
1- user01 request for friendship to user02
2- user02 log in.
3- user02 is visiting user01 USER PAGE.
4- user02 see REMOVE friendship BTN !
5- user02 do not add user01 as a friend yet--!!!
can i explain good my problem?!
When I click on choose file in the attached file modual on my iPhone I can select take photo or video. When that photo is uploaded the thumbnail is rotated 90 degrees if I take a photo in portrait mode. However when clicking on the link to the photo it is oriented properly. How do I fix this issue. I have included and example.
englisch :
I have purchased from you a OTnewz Pligg Theme.
I paid, but not yet received.
In reported and written support, but it did not happen!

What should I do.

With best regards
Bahman Zahedi

German:Ich habe bei Ihnen ein OTnewz Pligg Theme gekauft.
Bezahlt habe ich, aber noch nicht bekommen.
Bei gemeldet und Support angeschrieben, aber es ist nicht passiert!

Was soll ich tun.

Mit freundlichen Gr├╝├čen
Bahman Zahedi