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I had installed Pligg a year ago and uninstall it 6 months ago. Now I again decided to install it, and after complete installation, I got following error while accessing my site:

Error. The pligg_config table is empty or does not exist

Can any one have idea about this error.


I need to know if i purchase facebook module once, can i use it on multiple domains?
how do get number of followers show on linksummary page?
My users can not add info to their profile - settings. It gets jumbled up, for lack of better term and then crashes. I have downloaded new files, uninstalled and re-installed and it keeps happening.

If anyone could give suggestions or help I'd truly appreciate it.
Whether I go in as admin or user when I click on settings page it gets all jumbled up and then crashes? Any suggestions?
Hallo, I install module upload and doesn´t work.
I tried many times different changes, different setup and nothing happend. The file here i tried upload JCVD. Could you help me?
Dear ChuckRoast,
dear forum members,
please check the image attached.

I receive 403 error when I submit a post through bookmarklet (tested using Chrome, or Explorer).

I got the same feedback from other members of the site.

I really appreciate the help.

P.S. My site URL is
Using Social Pro Kit template.
Please i want to change the welcome to pligg cms, ... submit new article. . . in Pligg 2.00
In the menu, I noticed a little "1" in installed widgets but there was no updates listed. I uninstalled all the widgets then reinstalled but Statistics will not install.

What can I do to get statistics widget reinstalled?
How Can I include el Top Users in the sidebar???
Which is the code???