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I can not seem to bring up the save button in the setting part. I tried reinstalling many times to avoid the problem of corrupted files without success.

Macbook air + Chrome.

Please help me :(
pligg cant support persian or arabic langs and when we add new link to our pligg this changed to ? mark , this is because utf8 for data base and need this code
i cant add this code to pligg please fix this
I have installed Plig as test for my site. Everything is workig fine except this error
When I click on any link for example Subit story page, group page or any other and then click on published story link, site is redirecting to

why two time www.www.??. This is not first time it is second time. Initially i installed in root folder and next time I installed it in a directory. Both have same redirecting on www.www with message on page the following page not found
I am running pligg site from last 3 months but from last 2 days there is submission problem. When anyone is trying to submit story when we finish step 3 it shows error.

Why it is happening?

Can some one help me on this issue?

I created 2 custom fields, one is for a title and the other is for a caption. How do i display these on the link_summary template?

I tried {$image1.field1} etc but cant get it figured out.
i have a few modules used for versions before 2.0, and they work somewhat. However they override something leaving the dropdown function not working.

i was really hoping to use this module. So is there a chance to get it working?

Maybe i could send the pligg team the module and they could include support for it in a future update ?
How to add and edit adsense revenue sharing module? Its enabled but i cant change the settings or see revenue share
Fresh install, on submitting on step 2 of the submit process it just goes to a blank page.


disabled captchas and spam checking - any ideas? known issue?

Well, this is not exactly a programming related question. I've a pligg site on a shared hosting server which have a limited number of mysql queries (75k per hour). I have no prob as of now, but i'd like to know how many link submission my sites is capable to take per hour provided i've enabled the default modules.

What is the average MySql queries used per link submission?
I'm using Pligg CMS 2.0.0 RC2, when trying to Whitelist a domain under the "Manage Domains" section I get "Cannot open file (../) ", the Blacklist works correctly though.