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Is there a limit to the size of photo that can be displayed in the story and if so how do I display the photo.
Many thanks John.
Hi, I"m new to Pligg and I want to put a description of my site on the main page but I am at a loss of how to do it, can anyone help.
When I try login from twitter module. It dont redirect to twitter login page. Instead it shows 503 error message. Looks like there is a redirect issue. The redirect dont work with nginx . But I am not sure. Please help
Does anyone have the same issue with the Twitter module not collecting email when new users register? Or, is this by design and if so, how does it get around no user email which is required by Pligg?
Hi, the title says it all. I tried this the advice from this link: and it does not seem to work.

Any advice is much appreciated.

Hello ChuckRoast,
hello Pligg support,

I recently disabled new users registration at my Pligg site:
due to massive spam attacks.

I'll go for manual registration of new users, but I noticed I can't create new ones.

In my Pligg dashboard, under "users" menu, I click on create new user.
A new window appears, as image attached.
I fill the fields properly (it gives me OK on everything).
But when I click on "Create User", nothing happens.

Any hints on how to solve the issue?
Thanks in advance.

I'm trying to make our Top page show 'the most upvoted' in order.
I know that the people who visit this site can change the order by themselves,
but I want to make the default show the most voted so that those who visit
for the first time can see the most voted stories.

Please advise me how to do this.

Thank you for your help.
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I get these error series when i tried to change settings value or tried to post something on platform.

Also i can not able to change properly any settings on admin panel.

I am not sure what to do ? Anyone has an opinion ?
I am using 2.02 version of pligg cms , 5.6.8 PHP version 5.5.41 MSQL version.
To get the image I use platform. To get it, they require link of main source. Not related link, but the main link where the story came from.

The link of each story is {$url}

Link of related story is {$related_story[related].url}

I need to get each {$url} out of each {$related_story[related].url}.

It should be a variable like {$related_story[related].url} or {$url}.