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I recently found out that my Pligg site (

is redirecting sometimes to a SPAMMY jewerly page:

The strange thing is that this happens just for some random users (one from India, one user from Canada..).

Attached a screenshot reported from a user of Klinkk.

I don't remember having installed scripts, strange codes, or else.

Is there a way to analyze where this issue is coming from?

I really appreciate your help.
Thanks in advance.
what is 1/-10 mean?
i want to change this msg to my language, which file must be edited? plz help me
Recently, the support site is filled with questions that answers have been provided in previous posts!

Moreover, some users are installing Pligg, having no clue whatsoever and do not bother exploring the Admin Panel first and before they hammer the site with questions...It is like buying a house and keep calling the company or the previous owner asking how to turn the lights on or how to move the stairs and change the decor!!!

In their questions, they need everything YESTERDAY and all is either nonsense or need modifying the whole Pligg core!!!!

You want help? Then:
1- Do your homework first
2- Ask a clear question and don't let us hire a psychic to guess what you really want.
3- If you have no clue whatsoever, then please don't expect us to tailor the Pligg CMS to your imagination!!!
Is there any way to show a thumbnail of the link submitted by the user, like the one we can see in bizsugar website? Please help me!
i want user can not changing their vote. can i with pligg 2.0.2?

Q: i mean when i want to remove link with (-5) score , i put +5 in the box or (-5)?
how about for links?

I have 2 problem:

The bigger one:
I get a "wrong step" error when I finish the last step of submitting a link.

I also had the problem that I can not edit links which are already online - I solved the problem by editing the csrf.php file (there I also had the Invalid Token (hack attempt) problem).

The problem appears with every template, also with the default template.

The 2nd problem:
It is not possible to save a link on my site. The button itsself does not work.

Does somebody know how to fix my problems?

Thanks in advance!

Pligg 2.0.2
every thing just fine until a user who not submit link after he writing captcha cod correct and click on cancel, and after that every link from others by defualt have discard status in database!
plz help me. i change link_status default value to new but dosn't work.
On infinite scrolling there are no message or icon of loading.
How can i implement that?
Meta description of main page is "".
How can i enter a value there?