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Is it possible to manage permissions on a category level?
I'd like to be able to limit access (read and write) to certain categories (and subcategories) to approved users (e.g. only users I've added to a certain group or that have a minimum level).

UPDATE: I just realized that this is kind of how groups work inherently. Although it would still be cool to be able to combine categories and groups in this way. It looks like you can't have categories within a group as is.

UPDATE 2: I now figured out that you can submit to a group while still having to select a category. Those submissions then only show up for the group members. This is pretty close to what I need. It would be great to be able to limit a category's visibility to members of a group without each post having to be submitted to that group. It also seems like you can't change the visibility once a post has been submitted. So, if someone forgets to select the group at submission, I would need to ask them to delete and repost to the group, potentially losing votes and comments – not ideal. Thoughts?

I'd like to use "Saved" tab private. That said, for example, A user adds a link to his bookmark and I don't want B user to see A's Saved links. How can I do that? Thank you.
Hi team pligg

I am newbie on pligg. On my site, and I am using 2.0.2 and template coolstrap.
I have an error : PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /...../libs/friend.php on line 53

can you help me ?
Dear Support,

After I upgraded my site: a few weeks ago to 2.0.2, I have been encountering this "Error 503 Service Unavailable" error. It can be down for as long as one full day. Checked cpanel and 'no of processes' easily maxed out to 10/10. I am on share hosting but such problem did not occur previously.

I managed to get from hosting company the attached error log file, but can't understand the contents and therefore not sure how to resolve this issue.

Can someone help and advise how to resolve this issue?

Tks and Rgds.
Hi , I have problem with the product I buy it from ChuckRoast the product name is "Google XML sitemap" and the problem is the PHP map is not working sometimes works sometimes not

XML Parsing Error: no element found
Line Number 7753, Column 1:

and the error from GOOGLE WEBMASTER TOOLS is

Network unreachable: Network unreachable
HTTP Error: 500

Any idea how to fix this ?
Tried to implement on my website. I changed user_navigation in one single place from Avatar.large to Avatar.original. The user pages were blank so I changed it back. Unfortunately, now still blank.

Interestingly enough, if I clear the template cache, I can load a single user page before it goes blank again. Inspector shows user_navigation isn't even in the code anymore!? :-O

Any help SOOOO appreciated. :)

Here is my website:
in file /libs/html1.php line ( 1097) we have this code :

if(strpos(urldecode($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']),$post_url)!==false) return true;
i think : A safer comparison would be !=, because you don't care about the types. Not (!==)

And in line (1101)

if (strpos(preg_replace('/^.+://(www.)?/','',$_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']).'/',preg_replace('/^.+://(www.)?/','',$my_base_url))!==0)
You probably meant !=. ( Not !==)

am i think right?

Hi ,

I just finished with Pligg installation here is my website url :- , Now if you can see , I currently having a static page , I don not want that page .. Instead i need my posts to be there . for example :-

Please help me.

Hi, I"m new to Pligg and I want to put a description of my site on the main page but I am at a loss of how to do it, can anyone help.
How can i fix RSS feed import?

[01-Jul-2015 23:17:25 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function trigger_rss_error() in /home/name/domains/ on line 238