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When I want to download some plugin there is a problem. Go to login. OK I login and nothing happen. Just go to This happen with Agree to Terms Free plugin and Spam Trigger plugin.
Hi, this is a great CMS and noticed it has been over a year since the last updated version.

Is there an ETA for next version?

Is this compatible with PHP 5.5 or 5.6?

I am trying to download the RSS Module however every time I try I am asked to Login for Download, however I am logged in and have bought another module successfully.

In case it was a cookie issue I have tried from both Firefox and Safari with no luck,
Hi, I'm trying to make a condition to allow downvotes from a user.

Only can downvote if:

1- has 1 published story minimum
2- has 1000 karma points minimum

not sure what file I have to edit (vote_total.php or vote.php) and how detect if its a downvote (-10)

Any help would be apreciated, thanks!


Well after a few tries I finally did it, would like some comments from php gurus for improvement

$value = intval($_POST['value']);
if (!$current_user->user_id == 0 && $value==-10) { //its not anon and is a downvote

$haspublished=$db->get_var("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `pligg_links` where `link_author`='{$current_user->user_id}' AND `link_status`='published'");

if ($haspublished < 1){error('You need at least 1 story published to downvote stories');}

$candownvote=$db->get_var("SELECT user_karma FROM pligg_users WHERE user_id={$current_user->user_id}");

if ($candownvote < 1000){error('You only can downvote with 1000 karma points or more');}


It checks if user has at least 1 published story, if not sends error. If user has a published story then checks if has 1000 karma points minimum. Im doing this for users spamming downvotes in my site.

Any suggestion to improve code would be great, thanks.
Hi, I am trying to download your RSS Import module... I've registered, etc., however, the only option I have is "login to download" and it takes me to a page that gives me basic information on my account, and there's no way to actually download the thing!
I'm developing my site in localhost on my pc before deploying it and have forgotten my admin password. I've tried using phpmyadmin to change the password using various options but it doesn't seem to work. Is it possible to change passwords directly in the mysql database using phpmyadmin?
Hi all, Im using Pligg in my site and users are creating groups. One asked how to remove a story from his group. I cant see how to do that. Do I have to delete the story as admin?

Is there any faq where I can read how groups work? I dont really understand some things:

-When a user submits a new story and selects a group ΒΏis it only visible from the group?

-When creating a group if the minimum votes to publish option its set to 5 and then a user submits a new story (1 vote) and selects that group, will be the story visible in the group?

-The Tabs in a group (Published,Waiting,Shared) are independent from the whole site? Whats the difference between them?

Hi guys, I have site powered by Pligg 2.0.2. In settings section AntiSpam I set value for Enable Spam Checking on true. When I get in Manage section Manage Domains I try to add domain in white list and I get this message The "file ../logs/domain-whitelist.log is not writable". I try to add in black list I get this message The file ../logs/domain-blacklist.log is not writable
domain-whitelist.log has 644 permission and same with domain-blacklist.log Is there something I missed? Thanks in advance
Where is