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I've configured the module but it doesn't appear to be working.
I installed the pligg and added some entries but nothing is shown on homepage please help me
This is a forum not a playground for kids!
When you create a group you can limit the minimum votes to publish a story to the group. No matter what is the number (e.g 15), any story with any number of votes can be pulished.

Thank you.
Currently i am using pligg cms 2.0.0. now i download newer version of pligg cms 2.0.2.
How to update the newer verison of pligg cms without changing old data in my website.
How to add in profile.php:
// Convert user input social URLs to username values
$facebookUrl = $user->facebook;
preg_match("/https?://(www.)?[^/]*)/", $facebookUrl, $matches);
if ($matches){
$user->facebook = $matches[2];

Me need add news sites: and
EDIT: please delete this one, duplicates.
How can I show the meta-description in the sidebar according to the category I'm viewing?

It should not show on the frontpage, only when I goto a specific category.

I'm assuming it has to do with an if statement inside about_box.tpl
there is error when sending message to other user"error in putting database" we attached the screenshot,please check it .

I wrote an excellent article on this, but when I hit submit it poofed.

So I am going to try and be as brief as possible this time.

Basically, if you are like me and have up to two hundred categories or so, and don't want your users to run into that bug with the selecting and deselecting of categories under the profile settings menu, then you will also want to just remove that horribly long list and be done with it.

Here is a way to do so:

In my template (Simplete), it was from lines 126-132. Don't go before or after each line with your < !-- and -- >

Otherwise you might remove the entire category header and profile drop down menu.

That's it! Thanks for your time!