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Hello Everyone,

Yesterday I uploaded the Pligg CMS, Basically I new to this CMS. So I don't know how to manage it, All the pages on my website are not working. Please help me.
chuckroast, as you do not support any contact option on your shop/site (why not?), maybe you can answer here.
your Abyss Antispam Module doesn´t save the Stop Forum Spam Api Key that i registered for my site. the field still stays blank after saving. can you please help?
I have installed the last pligg version and configured friendly urls, but the trackback is not working.

Could anyone help me?

how i can edit this menu ? (view photo attached)
i was using bootstrap theme and add to favorites button working pretty as well.

I purchased Pagikks theme, when i using Pagg
Hey all!
Was wondering if its possible to add arrows or buttons to to link to the next and previous stories on a main story page. (So for example the page that contains the full body/description and comments at the bottom.) Is it possible to add arrows for example left and right to automatically go to the next published item?
Attached a pic for clarity
I have WordPress 4.0 in the root and Pligg 2.0.x in a sub-directory. Each has their own databases. Just built these last night.... Nothing fancy there yet.

Was wondering if Redwine might want to take a look if it doesn't work. Maybe we could get this fixed up as a module finally and documented so others can use it.

I'll need a way to get you (Redwine) the credentials for ftp. Email?? Or something else?

I installed and setup facebook module as in the manual.
The first day of work, but already the second unfortunately not.
I have the logs : [ 09- Dec- 2014 7:29:17 p.m. UTC ] CSRF token state does not match , they will be provided.

I'll be grateful for help everywhere .
can you tell me how i can change sign up method?
i like this:
only users who invite by email can sign up in site,
have pligg core this property? can uoy help me and tell me is this possible?
or just if this is not possible can i disabling sign up for all?
This is my site when i am posting a story it's not showing Thumbnails image from that story .