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Yesterday was installed Photobooth module. Im sure that permisssions on /upload/originals+thumbs are 777 and hosting support GD library but when take pictures no uploads and no appears nowhere. Originals and thumbs are empty too. I was tried changing templates and still same.
Thanks in advance.

Is it possible for users to report spam submissions or comments?
Dear ChuckRoast,
dear forum members,
please check the image attached.

I receive 403 error when I submit a post through bookmarklet (tested using Chrome, or Explorer).

I got the same feedback from other members of the site.

I really appreciate the help.

P.S. My site URL is
Using Social Pro Kit template.
I modified linksumarry.tpl file. Replaced user rank, time, categories by changing one another position. Every thing worked fine however I felt the default position was good and replaced the codes once again exactly the same way as it was before but this time things are not working fine. I lost the user rank next to user avatar and name just below the story title.

I tried second option . To bring things to its normal position I uploaded the link summary original file but still its not working. Deleted template cache from server, from my pc. I tried every thing but failed to get the rank of few users but some still shows wrong ranks.
Please check: and suggest what should I do.
Also check that the user names Pukar has no rank to display. While just below Cherry shows #1
I have a pligg site which is fantastic but i wanna turn my pligg site into an android or iphone , even windows mobile app. Can that be done. Please i need help here.
is there any way to associate more than 1 group when you submit a story?
When I enter the site, it shows "Could not open templates/./modules/captcha/lang.conf", but I can still login to admin area, and after my login the front page can be show properly

Please help!

I get an Error 404 in my sitemap. Can you help me how to fix this issue?


I have an experience using Pligg a few months ago and my site was attack by bot. It's make my Alexa rank was low but Google has been banned my site by de-index my site. So no more valuable thing to keep my site running without traffic from search engine.

How to avoid banned from search engine and block access from bot?

The new "Back to Top" module only appears as an arrow on the Home page. I didn't test ALL pages possible, but on about four other pages the box had no arrow, just solid grey.