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Hi Chuck! Hope you are doing well.

I have noticed that all of the spam settings seem to allow spammers to bypass them.

I have a forum that had a serious spam problem, but when I turned on the question and answer captcha system it completely stopped the spam. It is similar to the math problems one, but this one lets you set the questions and the answers to what ever you want them to be. It allows you to also make an unlimited amount of them. The forum software I am using it on is xenforo. Maybe you could implement this into Pligg, since spam has been a huge problem for so many people.

Here's the option they use in xenforo. Maybe it can be used as a reference or maybe it can be bridged into pligg. xenforo. com/help/captcha/ (I put a space in there so the link will show up)

Thanks for all of the awsome work you do! You rock.
Is anyone out there using the Facebook Share Button?

I have tried both the official HTML 5 one from fb and Chuckroasts module: "Facebook Sharer" both of which don't scrap the information properly. Some posts it properly pulls the titles, some it just uses my sites title. I have a tweet button which scrapes the links and titles perfectly. Anyone have any suggestions, on where to use it?
How i can add to homepage latest story adden on webiste , because in present appear

Welcome to Pligg CMS!
It looks like you've just set up a new Pligg website. Now would be a good time to submit your first article and then publish it to the homepage.
I have just installed a new pligg site. While using the bootstrap template, I have the discuss section and also the facebook comments section. However, facebook comments displays Warning: is unreachable. When I change to another template, pinlack, I have no comment section at all even the facebook comments presence. Anybody please help me with this issue. Thanks in advance.
I would like to know if there is a module for mobile number verification.
The verification I would need is simply a code sent to the user mobile that must to be entered in the site to complete the verification process.

Thank you.
Pligg blocks amazon links. For example link
If I remove links from (ref =) then pligg will handle this link.
The fact that Amazon uses this value to each link on a single page.
How can I remove the filter (ref =) which files need to look for?
Help please.
can you create a simple module to install on our pligg website with a static contact form for our users? It's ok also to have some lines of code to paste in a page inner the script package.

It's strange that the form is not preinstalled with the pligg setup package and we have to use that "contactable" module that is not good integrated with the website.
Anyone know how to integrate LinkedIn sign on to Pligg sites? If someone has already done this as a module, I'd be happy to buy it through the Pligg Store (like Facebook and Twitter Connect modules).

I have installed a BBcode bar but pligg is not converting the bbcodes to HTML. I was wondering if anyone knew how to enable this?
what do these errors mean please
[23-Jul-2013 15:11:46 America/Chicago] PHP Notice: TPL: [in line 0]: syntax error: 'truncate' modifier does not exist (c_1____modules_akismet_templates_manageSpam_tpl.php, line 31) in /home/myfellow/public_html/class.template.php on line 949
[23-Jul-2013 15:11:46 America/Chicago] PHP Notice: TPL: [in line 0]: syntax error: 'truncate' modifier does not exist (c_1____modules_akismet_templates_manageSpam_tpl.php, line 35) in /home/myfellow/public_html/class.template.php on line 949
[23-Jul-2013 15:11:46 America/Chicago] PHP Notice: TPL: [in line 0]: syntax error: 'truncate' modifier does not exist (c_1____modules_akismet_templates_manageSpam_tpl.php, line 38) in /home/myfellow/public_html/class.template.php on line 949
is this just a simple fix