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Are there any tutorias for how can i create a module or a template, because i cant find anything!!!
Hello ,

I have hosting adsense account and i want add dfp code in my pligg site

How to add Google dfp code in pligg ?
hi! Sorry for my english, I translate sperevodchikom Google.
Install pligg 2.0.1. I can not install the template none slider (jQuery + css3). In the source code page, all the files needed for the slider,. Js uploaded on to the page. But not Leafs slider (change) images. Tested on two sliders.
Slider ResponsiveSlides.js, test site
Html page slider works, but in pligg 2.0.1 does not work.
I moved the database manually using phpmyadmin into a updated pligg. I everytime get a story already submitted error.
Pligg blocks amazon links. For example link
If I remove links from (ref =) then pligg will handle this link.
The fact that Amazon uses this value to each link on a single page.
How can I remove the filter (ref =) which files need to look for?
Help please.
can you create a simple module to install on our pligg website with a static contact form for our users? It's ok also to have some lines of code to paste in a page inner the script package.

It's strange that the form is not preinstalled with the pligg setup package and we have to use that "contactable" module that is not good integrated with the website.
I have installed a BBcode bar but pligg is not converting the bbcodes to HTML. I was wondering if anyone knew how to enable this?
Thanks for viewing this page.

Here is my problem:

i want web site similar to Flipora.

Where user subscribes into categories of news that he wants to see on main page. So stories should appear only from categories that user followed/subscribed.

Please tell me if this function already exists, cause i didnt noticed that.

If not, please help me to do that, I would really appreciate that by paying money.

Trying to embed group pages into wordpress page.. Id like to wrap a pligg group page around wordpress sidebar, header, and footer.. is this possible??
Hi everyone, I'm looking to enable markdown for users to have better formatting control over their posts, however I'm having difficulty with such a feature.

I've downloaded numerous markdown scripts & plugins, and have so far been unsuccessful in bringing any of them into working order.

If anyone could offer advice on how best to approach this, it would be highly appreciated.


Note: I already TinyMce, but this doesn't suit my needs.