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is it possible to able users to submit news without register?
How do I change the thumbs up and down icons to my own personal images.
I need change award module position in webpage, it's posible?

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Hey all, this is question mostly directed at ChuchRoast but maybe other have expereicened the same.
When using Pagination mode 1 (regular page numbers at the bottom) the auto content scraper displays perfectly.
However when using the 2nd (auto java load) or 3rd (click to read more) it loads my story block but does not load the embedly content. It only displays the title of the content it is scrapping. Is there anyway to have it load the embedly image as you scroll down? Thanks!
i have been working on getting a pligg site transferred to my host.

i was on the phone with godaddy for 2 hours,

the database is pointing correctly, all permissions set, cache clear, files edited correctly everything is inplace, ive troubleshooted all steps found in online documentation and cannot get the site to load anything but a blank page.

everything was done according to proper documentation and guided by a godaddy rep.

hes saying its in the code somewhere, i bought this site and did not code it myself.

please help me out. thanks

Hi all.. do the top to day module available for pligg 2.0.2 version?.. if yes.. where can i get or buy it?..

I want to translate a Pligg site to Dutch. Most of it I've managed to translate, but somehow the sorting options of pages won't work correctly..

For example: here by sorting options are "Gisteren" (yesterday) etc, which should link to but links to .

I don't know where to set this right. I've edited the .htaccess and libs/html1.php files.

I hope someone can help me you here.

Best regards,

Hey all,

In the user profile the stories diplayed under submisted and new are all being sorted by most recent but the upvoted page sorts them by most upvoted not most recent, is there anyway to change this? or does anyone know where the code for these is?