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Hi all. i need to change link_date DESC for top yesterday,week etc to link_out DESC so will popular by view/clicking.

The top today in sidebar already modify to top today by view..

Where locate the top yesterday,week etc?
when i sending msg with none en lang msg title convert to ????? and msg description show nothing! can i disable this part of pligg or show me any way to fix it. thanks
how to change pligg templets ? on wordpress .
Any gurus out there who might know why my error log is reporting this warning?

[07-May-2015 12:44:35] PHP Warning: Unknown column 'Array' in 'where clause' in /server/myid/public_html/libs/db.php on line 479

if i hover the menu about, download and account not display anything
i am disappointed with Auto Content scraper. it's cannot embed Decription of article link automatically. especially article from blogger platform.

i installed pligg on my website
and i want to translate it in Persian
i just wonder how to do that
my friend know css and he can R2L the template
i really liked this theme :
and i want to buy it
i just want to make sure there is no problem for me to translate the system to Persian
please help and guide me how to translate pligg to a new language
thank you very much
My users can not add info to their profile - settings. It gets jumbled up, for lack of better term and then crashes. I have downloaded new files, uninstalled and re-installed and it keeps happening.

If anyone could give suggestions or help I'd truly appreciate it.
only showing results up to 5000 but website results have more than 5000 urls