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After I procesed my order and entered my detail information,and press next button, it says "internal server erro", I can not pay,please help to check
Any modules to convert or mirror karma points in order to allow members to use karma to shop?

Please help me, I am so disappointed because i haven't know Adblock Detection Coding for my Pligg websites. So if anyone know about this code please share with me.
Clicking "place order" in check out page return error : " internal server error " .
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I downloaded the files for the RSS import module from Pligg's github repo and added the folder to my site's module directory via ftp. Notably, all seems to be working well when I navigate around the admin panel.
However, accessing the main pages of the site now returns the following message: "invalid username or userid in get_avatar."
I found this thread when searching for similar issues:

The updated code in that answer is already in my files. And this doesn't seem to be related since it's not a groups issue.

I did not touch any other files when importing the RSS module so I'm kind of stumped. I thought perhaps there's something buggy with the module that I'm not seeing so I removed the module. However, the issue persists.I appreciate any assistance you may be able to provide.

*also, a somewhat but not really related RSS module issue: I had to download the RSS module from the github repo rather than since pligg's site couldn't remember me as a logged in user on the RSS module's download page.
Hello everybody, I just want to ask about the code adding.
How can I add histats code in to my site?
My installations of Pligg take 5+ seconds to respond. Anyone else experience such slow speeds?
Hey guys, i lost my Admin password, how do i recover it. I have tried my email address and it seemed i didn't have it registered when uploading . I need help right now. Thanks

i have got this Error while Adding new category

"Invalid token (hack attempt) or timeout. Go back, refresh that page, and try again."

Plz Help me.