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I'm getting ready to engage another web server and was wondering if anybody was interested in just renting a site already built by the month or year even.

I can have a turnkey Pligg 1.2.2, Pligg 2.0.x or Wordpress 3.92 or 4.x website deployed overnight and answering as your domain as early as the next morning. You would bring your own domain pointed at my IP address.

I'll be able to provide the usual server support and a little extra help with issues. Once you're up and running well you can decide to stay or leave and just take the whole site and database with you.

Anybody see a need for this??
Fatal error: Call to undefined function trigger_rss_error() in /usr/............/modules/rss_import/magpierss/ on line 238

Any ideas how I can fix this error?
Pligg version 2.0.2
Plugin version 2.1
Hi ChuckRoast,can you provide the site demo for on demand module?.. i would like to making a site is only for video.. but before grab that module,i need to know how on demand function..
Would you install Pligg CMS and your pintheme on my hosting(bluehost) and set up
How much does it cost
Thank you
Is it possible to manual approve user? i want to block the user until user is manual approved by admin because i am getting to many spam registration. or can we just allow registration through facebook or twitter
Is important to know how, because someone is trolling and sending requests to recover password many times.

I have just upgraded my karma module. After successful up-gradation of karma module version 0.2 and I found one bug in this karma module.

When user vote for any article, karma points automatically decreases instead of increases. I have already checked the karma settings in admin panel. It shows

Voted on an article = 1

Please find attached the image for more information about karma settings. There is not an issue with other stuff like vote on comment, submit comment on article, submit a story etc.

I deeply debug this issue and find Pligg script is calling karma_unvote() located in /modules/karma/karma_main.php file. This karma_unvote() is decreasing the user karma points. It seems some external event is calling when we vote an article. or there must be some stored procedure which is doing the same.

Does anyone has an idea and faced such kind of problem in Pligg Karma module ?

If yes, then please share your knowledge/experience with us on Pligg support.

Thanks in advance !!

I have blue standard installed as template. Today I just tested my site trying to register a new account. The problem is having captcha module installed the create user button, cuts off from the page (see snapshot). I don't want to uninstall captcha, please help !!!
My pligg version is 1.1.4 and I'm not sure whether the Bootstrap can be compatible or not. Here is the page where there is problem.
You may notice that the create account button is cut off.
Hey gang. I got facelook (and the other tools packaged with it) because it advertised complete responsiveness. But on the iphone 5, all the categories are bunched up and overlapping with the SORT bar. This happens to any of the others ive previewed, too, with more than 5 or so categories.

Any suggestions? see attached screenshot
I installed the facelook theme and now all the links at the top go to # and do nothing. With WISTIE they work fine. I am on the latest version of Pligg.

UPDATE: And when i manually type in the .php, i.e., upcoming.php, the page is just blank.