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Hi, I am trying to download your RSS Import module... I've registered, etc., however, the only option I have is "login to download" and it takes me to a page that gives me basic information on my account, and there's no way to actually download the thing!
When i open admin/admin_index.php - redirect to 404 page hosting.
other pages in admin - work good.
thank you for any help or advice you can give.
I am installing Pligg. I have installed it before and it worked but I recently downloaded the latest version from github and I am having problems.

It is a fresh install (I am still testing the software). I follow all of the instructions as best as I can tell but when I get to step four I am presented with the following:

Step 4
Creating database tables
Setting Pligg Version
Setting Captcha Method to SolveMedia
Adding default modules
Adding default widgets
Creating About Page
Tables were created successfully!

... then some white space.
I am confused. I do not know enough about servers or mySQL to provide you with much information but I have been able to install Pligg before, perfectly happily, on the same server.

Could it be a problem with the latest github version? I downloaded the zip file linked to from the main github page. Is that correct?

Thank you for your help, all the best,
Hi guys, I have site powered by Pligg 2.0.2. In settings section AntiSpam I set value for Enable Spam Checking on true. When I get in Manage section Manage Domains I try to add domain in white list and I get this message The "file ../logs/domain-whitelist.log is not writable". I try to add in black list I get this message The file ../logs/domain-blacklist.log is not writable
domain-whitelist.log has 644 permission and same with domain-blacklist.log Is there something I missed? Thanks in advance
When I want to download some plugin there is a problem. Go to login. OK I login and nothing happen. Just go to This happen with Agree to Terms Free plugin and Spam Trigger plugin.
Hi, this is a great CMS and noticed it has been over a year since the last updated version.

Is there an ETA for next version?

Is this compatible with PHP 5.5 or 5.6?

I'm developing my site in localhost on my pc before deploying it and have forgotten my admin password. I've tried using phpmyadmin to change the password using various options but it doesn't seem to work. Is it possible to change passwords directly in the mysql database using phpmyadmin?
How to create/edit this Facebook code in profile.php:
$facebookUrl = $user->facebook;
preg_match("/https?://(www.)?[^/]*)/", $facebookUrl, $matches);
if ($matches){
$user->facebook = $matches[2];

for: and and and
i have problem with total vote number after user downvote, like this:

1-- user01 submit link (link total vote=+1)
2-- user02 upvote (link total vote=+2)
3-- user03 downvote (link total vote=+1)
4-- user04 downvote and remove downvote quickly (link total vote=+2) !!!!!

after Refresh the page (link total vote=+2) and user03 downvote dose not calculate !!

why this problem happening? what is wrong?
I did this code to limit the number of votes for anonymous users to 2/day. I hope it can help someone and at the same time would be great if Redwine or some php guru to improve it thanks :)

if ($current_user->user_id == 0 && anonymous_vote == true) { //check if is anon
$anon_ip = check_ip_behind_proxy();// gets IP from anon
$today = date('Y-m-d',time()); //gets today date

$votes_anon=$db->get_var("SELECT count(*) FROM " . table_votes . " WHERE vote_date like '%$today%' AND vote_ip = '$anon_ip'");

if ($votes_anon >= 2){error('2 Maximum votes for anonymous users');}