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11 days 4 Anybody else besides me (and this site) running Pligg and WordPress together? Question jhawkin
11 days 4 Solution fro the sidebar saved stories to display only those belonging to the logged-in user Question redwine
11 days 3 #BUG FIX for the Sidebar Saved Story module Question redwine
11 days 3 Repository for contributions and fixes Question redwine
11 days 3 Fixes to the Search Box - Right-to-left (rtl) Question redwine
11 days 5 Fully working implementation to display Total Story Views in the story summary. Question redwine
11 days 3 Module to show the total views of each story in the summary Question redwine
11 days 8 Fixes to apply to any Right-To-Left language, Arabic and possible other languages. Question redwine
74 days 8 Change Subnav Category Color When Selected Question pdigangi
74 days 4 Cannot Follow Members Question jbwalker
125 days 17 #BUG FIX for tags disappearing Question redwine
142 days 21 Why does edit story load so slowly? Question suggester
142 days 33 Do you think we should switch back to the old forums? Question Oxplode
142 days 7 Adding a badge or icon for mods or special accounts Question rafalny
217 days 19 How to Install Pligg Modules Question Yankidank
222 days 13 First install with a few issues Question totage
257 days 22 Navigation Bar Control Question dlevine
309 days 43 Sorting categories Question chidoticias
310 days 9 Stable release of Pligg 2.0 throws up an error on submission of articles :( Question aniketh
441 days 189 Stable release of Pligg 2.0 Question lintu