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111 days 2 Can't change avatar Question user_7989517
111 days 1 Suggestion Question jhawkin
112 days 0 Can someone tell me if the template "Coolstrap" works with pligg 2.0.2? Thanks! Question dayn
112 days 2 "Blue Ice" template with 2.0.2 and more questions Question dayn
112 days 1 can not see the post in category Question rohimmudin
114 days 0 User settings page does not work: HeyouPro Template Question jukilop
114 days 1 Change url from to just Question rafalny
117 days 2 The scrollbar down when the user is logged in and visit the page of the story Question lipsmega
118 days 2 How can we add ads in pligg. Question testing5233
119 days 2 user profile & outgoing error Question tberty
119 days 1 In subfolder , save story not working ! Question tpadmin
121 days 1 Captcha is not checked on Anonymous Posting Question akrosoft
123 days 1 Avoid pligg showing value of $_my_pligg_base from settings in URL Question user_630768
125 days 2 Cannot log into Pligg site. Question flynntes
125 days 2 Social bookmarking plug-in is not sharing link to Pligg website! Question user_694761
126 days 1 pligg 2.0.0 and pligg 2.0.2 do not work Question votetheme
126 days 2 LinkedIn Connect Question pdigangi
128 days 4 I want to use Pligg as a collaborative blogging platform Question user_694761
128 days 1 The logic for follow/followed user for private messaging module is not working! Question user_9566723
128 days 2 Can't access my website, it only shows a white blank page Question imdevesh