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122 days 6 FIXED the sort by Upvoted, Downvoted and Commented. Question redwine
123 days 1 Upgrade troubles from 1.2.2 to 2.0.2 Question martincalatrava
123 days 1 Speeding up or Reducing the load of RSS import Question jhawkin
125 days 2 URGENT ATTENTION YANKIDANK & CHUCKROAST – Sort filtering Question redwine
126 days 1 SOLVED. Automatic Twitter Submissions Module blank page (tweet.php) Question marcdmv
126 days 1 Simple Messaging not support local language ? Question nimdekvan
128 days 1 Module to allow publishing of stories (body) with images? Question chordlow
128 days 1 Image posting rules? Is it legal to grab images from an article or site and add to my post? Question barrydiamond
129 days 1 Is it possible to embed pligg into wordpress pages Question thebigadmin
130 days 2 [ASK] how to limit the number of characters in the username pligg Question rohimmudin
131 days 2 CDN and Login Attempts Issue Question gabs
132 days 2 user directory does not exist Question LETHAL-ENDING
132 days 1 Error Log in pligg site Question luekini
132 days 0 How to featured into heppy theme? Question martincalatrava
133 days 1 moderator problem with delete story Question
135 days 1 vote and un-vote error msg Question
135 days 2 "Task completed" button? A module/code for this? Question user_4488299
137 days 3 Updates that you need to do to be compatible with the latest bug and issues fixing Question redwine
137 days 1 Need a new status for newly submitted link Question shahalom
137 days 1 published link problem Question