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1 day 15 hours 1 Top Voted Stories instead of Top Users Question jesperst
2 days 2 All module settings pages are blank following Pligg upgrade Question accolade
3 days 1 Related links for Direct link Question pligglab
3 days 1 Dynamic Sidebar Question leone
8 days 1 Is there a mod to change articles to Question pc
9 days 1 editing or getting rid of welcome to pligg cms Question maroon55
9 days 1 how to set pages Question user_3055442
11 days 1 Translate sort options Question marceloerlemans
11 days 2 Fix to the LINKS Module (removing the <br /> from the link Question redwine
12 days 2 It seems that most of my posts and also some others were lost. Question redwine
12 days 1 Real Name instead of username Question claptrap
12 days 3 How could my Karma drop overnight?? Question redwine
13 days 1 category menu is hidden in Pintin Template Question ymdpopy
14 days 1 ACS - how to remove story thumbnail from main page? Question beetroot
15 days 1 How to change URL_new or /new Question enoque
15 days 1 How not to show any story summary ? Question sadmir
16 days 3 Can you do something about this ANONYMOUS SCHMUCK ??? Question redwine
16 days 3 ** Complete FIX ** to the Spam Trigger Module Question redwine
16 days 3 Add a banner ad after three story summaries Question user_7989517
16 days 2 Story Moderation Question sadmir