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Well there's two user levels for posters.... Admin and Normal. Shouldn't be too hard to add an icon to represent them. And that code could be in the templates. Extending the user types might be a little more challenging but not much. Also, you might use the Karma system to add an icon within the templates according to karma level. Reminds me of running a web board that was originally coded by Albert Fong. That cgi (in perl) had five user levels with military looking badges when released by the CyberArmy. The Admin level user(s) would get a generals badge, stars or something and the users would get stripes added according to karma level. Just my thoughts. jhawkin Adding a badge or icon for mods or special accounts 428 days
I also like the old support forum. I think the voting system used here doesn't work really well. Some valid questions that didnt get enough votes are buried down :( OxyThemes Do you think we should switch back to the old forums? 429 days
The forum was actually a nightmare to maintain. It also took a ton of server resources which increased Pligg's operational expenses. ChuckRoast Do you think we should switch back to the old forums? 430 days
Yes, the forum was better for me. jhawkin Do you think we should switch back to the old forums? 430 days
Hi.... I have installed sitemap module to my site but it is not working correctly it is submitting links to google but not indexing... Please help me... how to automatically submit sitemap t google??? user_6959222 How to Install Pligg Modules 438 days
Can you please let the community know how you fixed? I know how to do it manually but it would be really great if you can provide us some easy tricks. And can you please rewrite that blog on 'Youtube embed' that you wrote? The code doesn't work on pligg. Thanks. supertramp How to Install Pligg Modules 489 days
I applied a HTML/CSS hack to attempt to make the embedded video responsive. Hopefully it looks better on mobile devices now. Yankidank How to Install Pligg Modules 490 days
Great tutorial for beginners. But the Youtube video here is not mobile friendly and it breaks the design of this official pligg site. Admins should probably check it and share the tutorial (how to fix) with pligg community. We do face the same problem. Thanks. supertramp How to Install Pligg Modules 492 days
The readme.html file instructions for 'upgrading' are incorrect in places. There's a contradiction with the 'template' folder name change, and it should be included in the exception list for deletion. If you were going to delete it (which you shouldn't) you wouldn't bother renaming it. Secondly, you need to disable the modules first before renaming the template folder. Finally when running the upgrade /install/upgrade.php you need to rename 'lang_english.conf.default' to just 'lang_english.conf' otherwise it doesn't recognise it. user_3825985 Pligg CMS 2.0.0 RC2 Now Available 496 days
Hint: this can be fixed by commenting out the $usersql query and related code around line 201 in editlink.php suggester Why does edit story load so slowly? 499 days
Can you access your database from the command line? If so, drop the db and recreate by running the "install" folder again. That's considering you can dispose of the information in the db. Is the database on locahost host?.. if not, you may need to get granted access from the IP the pligg application resides on. mnault First install with a few issues 500 days
Solved the problem! Thanks again supertramp. suggester Why does edit story load so slowly? 504 days
OK, that makes sense. I'll give that a try. Thank you supertramp! suggester Why does edit story load so slowly? 504 days
It's because of the 'select/change author' thing. When we go to story edit page it first loads all the usernames registered on your site. If your site has 1 million users, it will pull up all that users where you will get an option to change author. How I fixed: I removed that 'select/change author code' from edit page. supertramp Why does edit story load so slowly? 505 days
How do I increase the avatar and the avatar link with the name of User vagnerwonderful Welcome to Pligg Support! 510 days
I do conseguir for seo link_sumary line 90> 106 swap by h1 line 79 h1, h1 {font-size: 30px;}. style.css line 369. {h1 title default theme 2.0.1 vagnerwonderful Welcome to Pligg Support! 513 days
The smarty variable {$} will return the page's url value. So if you have a page at then it would return a value of 'demo'. If you need to determine if the current page is the 'demo' page, for the purposes of highlighting an active menu tab, then you could use code like this: If you want to add a link to your page near the end of your main navigation bar (the blue bar across the top of bootstrap), then I suggest using that line of code in header.tpl just above the line that contains the module hook: {checkActionsTpl location="tpl_pligg_navbar_end"} Yankidank Navigation Bar Control 539 days
Is it fixed? I went to the demo, and it looks like it is working right. Kaxsp Sorting categories 550 days
I have a solution. I'll explain it on example (I added 2 screenshots) To order categories manually you have to change values in 3 columns in pligg_categories in your Database. First column to look for is category_order. The numbers depends on the number of main categories you have. 1.Add 1 to number of main categories you want to have. 2. Change sign to have a negative number. The number you get is a value for the first main category from the left (if you look at front end). I had 3 main cateogries therefore 3+1 = 4, so my value for category order column is -4 for 'main category 1' For next category you have to add 1 to the previous value. As you can see on attachment 'pligg_category in DB' my Main categories have values -4, -3, -2 . Sub categories are ordered from 0 to n-1 for each Main category. Now you have to fill 'rgt' and 'lft' columns with values. I think the columns are abbreviations of left and right because as you can see on attachment 'Front End' the values from rgt are for right side of each category button, and lft for left side. So please number your categories as you wish them to look. WARNING ( I have a sub category under Main cateogry 2, so watch for that when you analyze my screenshots). I hope it'll do the trick unless Pligg guys improve source files. user_4343977 Sorting categories 554 days
Thanks for and answer. I have 3 main categories and in one main category there are 10 subcategories. Even with reloading it's impossible to order them properly. I was thinking about setting the order numbers directly into database, but can't figure out what is the mechanism of assigning numbers of categories and subcategories. If someone know that could you tell ? When I figure it out I'll post the solution :) thanks user_4343977 Sorting categories 555 days