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General Pligg CMS Questions

You can always find the latest version of Pligg CMS on the official download page on pligg.com. If you are looking for older versions of Pligg, you can view all of our releases on GitHub. For those brave souls who don’t care much about stability, you can download the latest development version here.

Yes, Pligg CMS is an open source project that is available as a free download. If you would like to use the latest and greatest development build, you can fork the project on Github here.

Pligg CMS is a PHP+MySQL web content management system. To install and use Pligg, you will need an Apache or Nginx web server with a MySQL database where Pligg will store content. We recommend that you use a modern version of PHP and MySQL. We currently test on PHP 5+ and MySQL 5+ servers

Pligg’s source code is published under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported Copyright. Pligg CMS includes a LICENSE.txt file for reference. If you would like to be excluded from this license, please contact us for an individual waiver. As long as you are not re-selling Pligg CMS as your own product, we will be glad to help you out.

We recommend using oDesk.com to source talent for your next Pligg CMS project. The oDesk platform enables you to hire, manage, and pay online contractors with relative ease. oDesk has even created a special Pligg developer group with over 100 members experienced in PHP, Smarty, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and Pligg CMS.

Please refer to our web host page to discover which hosts have our seal of approval. Most of the recommended web hosts have either been tested by a Pligg developer, or they have been recommended by a few normal Pligg users.

We recommend using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) over typical ‘shared’ web host plans. VPS plans usually offer a minimum level of server resources that you can depend on, resulting in improved performance when compared to a ‘shared’ web host. Many VPS providers offer scalable technologies, allowing you to easily upgrade or downgrade server resources. You can typically find VPS hosting plans starting around $20/month. Our preferred VPS web host is VPS.net, where we currently host the pligg.com website.

Speaking from prior experiences, we would not recommend using GoDaddy for web hosting purposes based on their default security settings and limited shared hosting resources. We do however recommend them as a domain registrar for those of you on a budget.

Pligg Downloads

Many of the Downloads are available for free. You can set the price filter when browsing the Downloads area so that you only see free downloads like these.

Purchased items can be downloaded from either your Account page, or from the related product page. Free items will only be downloadable from their product pages.

Yes you can! You can list both free or paid digital items on Pligg.com by signing up to become a Vendor. If you choose to list items for sale, you will need a Paypal account to receive payments. You will also need to agree to the Terms and Conditions related to Vendor accounts.