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PowerTools for Pligg CMS

Get PowerTools for Pligg CMS delivered directly to your home or office. PowerTools for Pligg is the largest collection of professional Pligg modules and templates available anywhere!

You can use PowerTools for Pligg CMS on an unlimited number of Pligg sites. It even includes a copy of the most recent stable release of Pligg along with the entire module repository! If you are a professional webmaster, development firm, hosting company, or just a hobbyist, the PowerTools for Pligg CMS package is what you’ll need to produce and operate professional Pligg websites in no time.

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Attention commercial website development firms, webmasters, media outlets, and Pligg site owners. You can now get your hands on the most powerful tool set ever compiled for the Pligg Content Management System. PowerTools for Pligg CMS puts everything you need at your fingertips. All neatly compiled and formatted on a single disc. PowerTools for Pligg CMS can be shipped to your door today.

PowerTools is a professional collection of modules and templates for the Pligg Content Management System.


  • Fast Shipping – Ships in 1-2 business days.
  • Unlimited use. You can use these on an unlimited number of websites running Pligg.
  • Contains 87 total Modules and Templates
  • Contains 17 Specialty Modules.
  • Contains 11 Specialty Templates.
  • Designed for Professional use.
  • Contains the latest stable release of Pligg CMS right on the disc.
  • Contains the entire Pligg module repository!
  • Contains 5 page welcome packet.
  • Ships to anywhere in the world that the US postal service ships to (every country that has internet).
  • Environmentally conscious packaging.

Specialty Modules Included:

  • Auto Content Scraper – Automatically embeds a wide verity of content when a user submits a link.
  • Awards – Displays awards earned for participating on a site.
  • Calendar – Sort submissions by day or date.
  • Collect Donations – Lets users send a donation to your site through Paypal
  • EZ iOS App – Asks iOS users if they would like to install your Pligg site as an App on their phones.
  • Facebook Comments – Comment on any story using Facebook.
  • Featured Weekly – Automatically feature the most popular story for a maximum of 1 week.
  • Geo Users – Displays information about your users location to the Pligg site administrator.
  • Google Maps – Enter an address with a submission. Automatically embed a map.
  • Google Site Map – Generates an XML complaint Google Site Map
  • Karma Wrangler – New users must vote on at least 5 submissions before they are allowed to submit.
  • On Demand – Search, play, submit, and embed Youtube videos directly from your site.
  • PhotoBooth – Lets your users snap a photo of themselves and upload it to your Photobooth.
  • Pnub – Adds an advanced drop down menu to the top right of your site.
  • Private Site – Visitors must login or register to view site content.
  • Story Counter – Displays how many times an individual story page has been accessed.
  • Abyss Antispam – Stop spamers from registering on your Pligg website.

Specialty Templates Included:

  • Blue Ice
  • Cruelean
  • Cosmo
  • Cyborg
  • Flat
  • Facelook
  • Readit
  • Slate
  • Spruce
  • Superhero
  • United

Pligg Modules Included:

  • Addthis
  • Admin Formulas
  • Admin Totals
  • Age Verification
  • Agree To Terms
  • Ajaxcontact
  • Analytics
  • Angular js
  • Basic Box
  • Blacklist
  • Blocker
  • Close Comments
  • Contactable
  • Digg Users
  • Dropbox Backup
  • Email Article
  • Embed Videos
  • Featured
  • Friends Activity
  • Greybox
  • Hello World
  • Image Upload
  • Jquery
  • Jquery_ui
  • Ldap
  • Lightbox
  • Mootools
  • Mootools Share
  • Mootools Textarea
  • Moo Login
  • Multibox Admin
  • Openid
  • Page Statistics
  • phpbb
  • Pligg Chat
  • Pligg Updater
  • Pligg Web Toolbar
  • Advanced Profiles
  • Random Story
  • Right Click Context
  • RSS Import
  • Scriptaculous
  • SFS Antispam
  • Share Revenue Google Ads
  • Sidebar Tweets
  • Site Stats
  • Snapcasa Thumbnails
  • Submit Antispam
  • Template Management
  • Thickbox
  • Tinymce
  • Unique Visitors
  • User Flags
  • Variable Viewer
  • Version Check
  • Video Plus
  • YPN Revenue Share
  • Zip Installer




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ChuckRoast is probably the most well known Pligg developer. He has been developing for Pligg CMS for almost 8 years and has written hundreds of modules and templates. ChuckRoast prides himself on designing products that require a very small learning curve for site administrators to implement. Most work right out of the box with little or very little configuration. Please see the included README.txt file provided inside each product .zip for installation instructions.

To report a bug please use the form here and follow all the instructions exactly. ChuckRoast not provide personal one on one free support. All products are designed to the latest Pligg CMS version and have been tested thoroughly. All sales are final. No refunds will be given. This is Pligg policy and is strictly outlined in the terms you must agree to before making a purchase on Pligg.com.

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For more information on ChuckRoast please visit ChuckRoast.net