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OTnewz Pligg Theme
(9 customer reviews)
4.83 out of 5 based on 6 customer ratings



OTnewz Pligg Theme

(9 customer reviews)
4.83 out of 5 based on 6 customer ratings


OTnewz is a premium, responsive Pligg theme suitable for building general news social bookmarking sites. OTnewz has responsive layout; featured news slider using OTslider module; can automatically embed videos, photos & rich media using Embedly’s Embed; display website screenshot thumbnail; built-in social sharing; sidebar advertisement ready and has sidebar member widgets such as Top Publishers and Top Submitters.





What you’re buying here is OTnewz Basic Template License which will expire in six months. Click here for more details and information.

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OTnewz is a premium, responsive Pligg theme suitable for building general news social bookmarking sites.. This premium Pligg theme comes with two licenses to choose from:

  1. OTnewz Basic Template License ($39 with an optional renewal of $10 for 6 months). This is what you are buying here at Pligg Shop.
  2. OTnewz Standard Template License ($79 with an optional renewal of $15 for 12 months)

OTnewz Features

Responsive Layout

OTnewz Pliggg template will automatically scale to fit on your browser widths/resolutions and on your mobile devices.

Featured News Slider

With the OTslider module, you can showcase your important news & stories in the homepage to gain more exposures to the visitors.

Auto-embed Videos, Photos & Rich Media

Using the Embedly’s Embed, OTnewz will automatically display thumbnails of videos, photos or rich media in each news & clicking it will play/zoom the media.

Website Screenshot Thumbnail

When the submitted URL doesn’t have rich media to embed, it will display the website screenshot thumbnail from WebThumbnail.

Sidebar Advertisement Ready

Sidebar advertisement spots are ready to be filled-in to make you some money. It has a built-in 125*125 and 300*n advertisement spots.

Built-in Social Sharing

Expose each news to the social media audience by using the built-in “Share To Bookmarking Sites” functionality.

Browser Compatibility

OTnewz will work across all modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9+, Safari and Opera.

Pligg CMS Version

2.0.1, 2.0.0, 2.0.2

Product Version


Requirements & Limitations

Pligg Version Compatibility

OTnewz responsive Pligg template requires at least PHP 5.2.1+ and Pligg 2.x. It is compatible with the latest Pligg 2 version release.

Minimum Browser Requirements

OTnewz requires the following JavaScript-enabled minimum browsers: Internet Explorer 9, Chrome 21, Firefox 19, Safari 5, Opera 12.

Voting Method Support

OTnewz Pligg template only supports the “Up & Down” voting method. “Star Rating” voting method or “2” is and will not be supported.

Display of Rich Media & Website Thumbnail

Embedding of rich media and website screenshot thumbnail is only available if Pagination Mode is set to “1” & the device-width is at least 480 pixels.

Pagination Mode Support

OTnewz only supports the “normal pagination links” or 1 Pagination Mode. Other modes are and will not be supported.

No RTL Support

OTnewz responsive premium Pligg template doesn’t support right-to-left languages.

9 reviews for OTnewz Pligg Theme

  1. Dlucca
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner) – March 26, 2014:

    Good Theme! Some little bugs of desing, but nothing serious.

    • OxyThemes

      – May 26, 2014:

      Thanks for your feedback. We have just released OTnewz 1.1, which fixes many bugs and add some various improvements.

  2. Piyush
    5 out of 5

    – June 15, 2014:

    Excellent theme and an extremely customer friendly service, he went out of his way to help us on the technical front.

  3. hamrah68
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner) – July 19, 2014:

    its a beautiful theme
    i want to buy it
    just want to make sure i have access to css files of the theme right?
    because i have to change it to R2L for my language

    • OxyThemes

      – July 20, 2014:

      Yes, you will have access to the template files (*.tpl and *.css) after you will buy the template.

  4. MAMUN
    5 out of 5

    – September 7, 2014:

    its a beautiful theme
    i want to buy it
    my website is

  5. lipsmega
    4 out of 5

    – November 19, 2014:

    Hi! I visit the demo and your theme desing is amazing… but there is some bugs like when we reply a status from another user or try to send a message for another user. When it will be ok? tnks

    • OxyThemes

      – December 11, 2014:

      May I know the details about these issues that you encountered in our template?

      To Pligg devs, I wasn’t notified by this comment so maybe there’s a problem with the system.

  6. user_1844517
    5 out of 5

    – December 14, 2014:

    Amazing theme. Great customer support. Totally worth it.

  7. Jason

    (verified owner) – December 21, 2014:

    You won’t have access to the template file immediately. When you purchase this template file you will be asked to go to their support site and register. Then submit a ticket to the support page. Then you will need to wait for an undisclosed amount of time before they send you the download link. I still haven’t received my download link yet.

    • OxyThemes

      – January 2, 2015:

      We do disclosed the amount of time before you can download. As stated in our FAQ page, it’s up to 24 hours, business days.

      And you will not received a download link, instead you’ll be given the location of the page where you can download the template.

      OT: It seems we don’t get notified anymore when someone purchased and when someone make reviews/comments, hence the delayed response in here.

  8. 潘

    (verified owner) – June 2, 2015:

    付款好难 Payment is hard

  9. 潘

    (verified owner) – June 11, 2015:

    I have purchased, please download the address。。

    • OxyThemes

      – June 12, 2015:

      Your order has been processed and is now activated.

      You can now download the template by logging into and going to My Account > Customer Area > Purchases > OTnewz Basic Template License.

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