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Registration Email Domain Check


Registration Email Domain Check Module
REDC Settings

Registration Email Domain Check


This module (nicknamed “REDC”) will allow an administrator to set up either a whitelist or blacklist of email addresses, email domains, or partial word matches in email addresses used when registering an account.

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This module has two different methods: whitelist and blacklist modes. The blacklist mode will reject any registrations from email addresses, domains, or partial word matches that you set up. The whitelist does the opposite and will only accept registrations from a list of allowed phrases. The module only checks the ending part of an email address, so if you enter the word “test” as a blacklist word it would block foo@bar.sampletest, but not

Blacklist Examples

  • Adding would block only email addresses ending with “”.
  • Adding “.ru” would ban, but not
  • Adding “bar” would only block domains ending with “bar” (ex. the address

This module creates a blacklist made up of nearly 50 common temporary and spammer email domains, but you are welcome to help us improve our list. Leave a comment if you have a suggested temporary email domain that you think deserves being added to the default blacklist.

Whitelist Examples

  • Adding “” would only allow addresses ending with when using the whitelist method.
  • Adding “.edu” would only allow .edu addresses (plus whatever other exceptions have been added to the list)
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2.0.1, 2.0.0

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