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News Extractor



News Extractor


A new Pligg CMS module that allows you to extract and process news automatically from any website you want.

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News Extractor

Do you want to process News automatically?

Then let me introduce you this new Pligg CMS module that will make your life easier. News Extractor module processes the News / Article through the submitted Url, and it grabs the content automatically for you. It is pretty smart, it supports many content providers so you will be able to grab the New or Article from any website, it will attempt to extract the content for you.

Do you want to edit the New / Article as you want before submit it?

You got it. News Extractor integrates a friendly “What you see is what you get” editor where you can finish up the details you want before insert the New into the Data Base. The editor also allows you to write HTML code, insert media, etc.

Do you want your submitted New / Article to look awesome in any device?

Deal! This module integrates the processed New / Article into your template as good as a regular News. The New will be responsive, and it will look great in any device.

Can I add my own media?

Yes you can. This module is compatible with the Upload module, the one that allows you to upload your own media and insert it into the New / Article.

Thanks to its amazing editor, and the smart way it has to present the content, News Extractor stands out amount the other processing content modules out there.
Enjoy the auto processing life and make your News viral!

Pligg CMS Version

2.0.1, 2.0.0, 2.0.0 RC2, 2.0.0 RC1

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The Module barely requires configuration, you just have to install it as a regular module, but please read the included readme.txt file provided inside of the .zip file for installation instructions.

The module has been tested with all the compatible versions. If you think you found a bug in the implementation please submit it to:

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