10 Newest Members



10 Newest Members


This module is very helpful for those who want to sell their site on web site buy sell auction marketplace. Buyer easily can view member registration frequency. How rapidly the site is growing. As a web site seller on flippa marketplace i faced many question about registered members. I hope this module will help you to answer buyer easily. This module also help you to attract more new members.

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This module shows 10 newest members with their joining time and total submitted bookmarks count. Table last row also show total registered members and today total joined members count.


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I am Saiful Alam who is working with PLIGG CMS since 2010. Last few years i managed hundreds of PLIGG sites. In this period, i customize PLIGG CMS template, PHP and SMARTY code when i needed.

Basically i make changes my sites to prevent spammer/spam bot and cleanup/optimized database. At a time i ran 800+ PLIGG instance on both domains and sub domains. So i have a vast experience on PLIGG CMS. I tested many customized script to prevent spam bot, make database healthy, speedup page loading, optimize for search bot, good user experience, server resource minimum use etc.

Once i tried to write few script to make a automated interface for PLIGG CMS admin. Hope i will share those experiences with you using next modules.

My support policy is very clear. For any help/support about my modules/templates, please email me direct or ask help in comment/review section. Don’t feel any hesitation for asking any help/support even after one year of purchase.

My contact email is : cfsuman[at]gmail.com
I am a full time blogger (web development tutorials blog).

I also work as a freelancer, so if you need a PLIGG expert then you can hire me for your PLIGG site. I can make custom modules for you.