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External Vote Button (EVB)


External Vote Button (EVB)


This module will allow you to embed buttons on other sites where members can vote on stories without leaving that website's page.

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Product Description

This module will allow you to embed buttons on other sites where members can vote on stories without leaving that website’s page. When a user tries to vote on an article that hasn’t been submitted to your site yet, they will be redirected to the submission page skipping the first step and automatically filling in some of the fields.

Requires: Pligg CMS 1.1.2 or above

Includes: 2 Photoshop (.psd) files for the large and compact button designs.

Also See: External Vote Button Code Generator

EVB Design

This module is designed to support 2 different External Vote Buttons. By default we provide you with a large button that is 50 pixels wide and 61 pixels tall, and a compact button which is 76 pixels wide and only 17 pixels tall. You do not need to stick to these dimensions, we only tried to model our buttons after the two most common buttons. The default buttons are designed to use 2 images: a background image and a vote button image. The background image is static, but the vote button animates when a user clicks on the button and holds down the mouse. This design uses a single image which changes position when being clicked on.

If you wish to change the size or styling of the EVBs, you can do so by uploading your own background and button images and even by altering the button’s CSS file. The button comes with pre-made CSS, which is saved to a temporary file in your /cache directory. Whenever you make an edit to the CSS through the module settings area’s Button CSS field you are updating that cached CSS file. Other websites will call on that file when they try to load the button, which is why we cache it as a file. The cache feature also copies the initial images into a /cache/images directory, which means that images used by this module’s CSS should be stored in that directory rather than the module’s own folder.

Button Usage

For information on embedding an EVB into a blog or website, please view the third screenshot provided on this page. That screenshot shows the settings page for the EVB module, where detailed instructions are provided on how to embed the vote button. Examples are given for WordPress and Blogspot blog templates.


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