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Auto Embed

$15.99 $13.99

This module easily auto embedding videos, photos, and rich media into your websites.

Sold by: jiyath
Category: . Product Version 1.1
Designed for Pligg CMS 2.0.0
Designed for Pligg CMS 2.0.0 RC1
Designed for Pligg CMS 2.0.0 RC2
Designed for Pligg CMS 2.0.1
Designed for Pligg CMS 2.0.2

Product Description

Make your website more engaging with video, images, audio, and more. Embed turns any URL into embeddable content. Turn drab links into enticing content that keeps people on your site—and keeps them coming back. Embed supports more than 250 content providers. Video, audio, photos, products, and more—embed the content your users crave.

  • Fixed Enable OutGoing Links

Demo :


  1. out of 5


    Great work Jiyath! This is the module that I have been waiting for. Before I go ahead and buy it I do have few questions.

    1. Why there is a story description below every image? Every story has two ‘repeated descriptions’.

    2. Does this module require API key to get activated?

    3. Will there be an ‘upload image’ option for links as well as editorial submissions (Stories without links)? It will be really great if there is an ‘upload image’ option.


  2. out of 5


    1. Embedly automatically fetching description. next version of this module add option to want to description or die.

    2. doesn’t require API – you do not need any setting of this version

    3. Good idea. i will try to add option ‘upload image’ in the next versions.

    * Auto Content Scrapper copy of auto embed codings.

  3. out of 5


    One question???
    Is it possible to resize pictures??
    Is possible to see admin photo

  4. out of 5


    possible to re-size images

  5. out of 5

    (verified owner) – :

    • out of 5


      Now Fixed bugs.
      Download & install latest version embed module.

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