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This module will make life a lot easier for people who want an easy way to add content to their templates but don’t want to worry about upgrading their templates down the road. It’s called Snippets, and this module is designed as a way for Pligg site admins to insert blocks of code (snippets) into one of the many “module hooks” that exist in the new Pligg 1.0 templates. It’s kind of difficult to explain, so I will accompany this post with a few images and a video guide to show off Snippets.

A perfect example of using this module would be to create a Google Analytics snippet. Inside this code block of this snippet you would insert your Google Analytics tracking code and set it to appear just before the </body> tag. The proper module hook for that would be “tpl_pligg_body_end”. In only a couple seconds, without having to make any uploads or template edits you can have that code inserted into your site. This same idea could be applied to anything, whether it be sidebar advertisements or a welcome message placed on top of your homepage. It can all be added in quickly using Snippets. Best of all when you need to upgrade your template you won’t have to keep track of all of these edits because you didn’t need to edit the template files.

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