Pligg Download Counter

The other day I was curious to figure out how many downloads Pligg has had, or at least how many we were able to officially track. I ended up writing a PHP script to track the official Pligg downloads from the forums and to add in some old download data from Sourceforge. What saddens me Continue reading »

Midphase Coupon Code “Pligg”

Midphase has kindly set up a coupon code for Pligg users to use when registering for a web hosting account at either and The coupon code will get you a free domain for life and 3 months of free hosting. If you are looking for an entry-level host we suggest either of these Continue reading »

2007 Pligg Stats Roundup

I’ve seen a lot of other sites listing their top posts of the year, and it inspired me to share some interesting details about visitors to We aren’t able to give an accurate number for traffic before mid June when we switched to using analytics on the entire site, so here are some stats Continue reading »