Back to Sourceforge

After spending a while hosting our SVN with Beanstalk, we’ve decided to switch back to SourceForge. Even though SourceForge doesn’t offer some of the great features that Beanstalk offers, the Achilles’ heel of Beanstalk is that it doesn’t give unregistered users access to their great web interface for browsing files. The lack of this feature Continue reading »

Pligg 1.0.0 Release

We’ve been busy over the past year and there’s a lot to show for it. The new version of Pligg is more stable, secure and feature packed and best of all it’s still FREE. We will continue to develop Pligg as usual, and starting with 1.0.0 we will be making fewer changes to template files Continue reading »

Upcoming Site Downtime

We are spending some time over the next few days upgrading servers and transferring things over. During that time you may notice either a slowdown in page load times or even short periods of downtime. We may even lose a small amount of forum data during the changeover and I apologize ahead of time should Continue reading »

Release Date for 1.0 Final

We are performing some final bug fixes and adding in one last feature before the big announcement. The last feature to be added in will be an altered vote method that will allow users to vote either up or down. Currently it’s possible to accomplish this through some clever templating, but the solution is more Continue reading »

New Pligg Troubleshooter

I spent some time today upgrading our troubleshooter page, which can be found as one of the navigation tabs at the top of the installation and upgrade pages. Previously the troubleshooter had a limited number of checks that it would run on your site to test for common problems. Now the troubleshooter will detect all Continue reading »

Pligg Job Board CAPTCHA

There have been a number of spam emails being sent out from job board applicants over the past week so today I added ReCaptcha to the application form when applying to any job posts at Now in order to post or apply to a job you must fill in a ReCaptcha field to prove Continue reading »

Pligg 1.0 RC5

We’ve released version 1.0 RC5 about a day and a half ago and we are using it as a temporary patch version until we release the final 1.0 version possibly in the next 10 days. There are a number of fixes from RC4 and a few new features, but most of those are changes made Continue reading »