Arthemia Template and Featured Module

I wanted to demonstrate how quickly templates/themes from other CMSs could be converted to Pligg, so Friday afternoon I began work converting the WordPress theme Arthemia into Pligg. Since WordPress is probably the most widely used CMS it seemed like a perfect candidate to show off how easy making templates for Pligg can be. After Continue reading »

Tutorial: Installing Pligg 1.0

I’ve created a new Pligg installation video to help guide new users through setting up Pligg. It’s a great way to see how easy it is to set up Pligg CMS and will hopefully make a few one-click-install users confident enough to attempt a manual install the next time they need to install Pligg. In Continue reading »

Forum Signatures Reset

In order to fight spam on the forums I have reset all forum user’s signatures today. If you wish to reset your signature on the forums you can do so by adding one again through the forum user control panel. This one-time clearing of the signatures removed many older spam links that were inserted before Continue reading »

Pligg 1.0.1 Release

The Pligg CMS 1.0.1 update is now out and you can read the changelog on the official Pligg 1.0.1 forum thread. The biggest changes are to the 5 star voting method, since we wanted to use it on the new Pligg Design Gallery. 5 star voting will now display the user’s vote number on their Continue reading »

1.0.1 Release Temporarily Delayed

I’ve noticed 2 new bugs today that will cause the 1.0.1 update to be pushed back at least until tomorrow. One bug is related to the 5 star voting method, and the second has to do with allowing admin users read and edit user profile fields. The 5 star voting method bug is somewhat critical Continue reading »