Breast Cancer Awareness Week

This week I am doing something very special with our Pligg Pro weekly deal. From now until July 22nd at 5:00 PM I am offering a module pack that includes every module that I (Yankidank) have created for Pligg Pro. I have put together this package as a benefit for my sister who went through cancer surgery this week. I will be donating all of this module package’s earnings to my sister’s family (Holly, Matt, Hannah, Graham, and Becca). In addition to that I will match the sales with my own money, doubling up to $1,000 and donating that portion to the CancerCare Foundation. Continue reading »

How to Upgrade Templates

Most Pligg updates require that you make at least a few changes to template files to maintain compatibility with the latest version. These changes are typically new features and bug fixes that need to manually be added to the template with new versions. A common question that we get from users is how they can update their template when upgrading their site so that their template will remain compatible with the latest version of Pligg. This post will guide you through the template upgrade process and demonstrates how easy it is to keep your template up to date whenever a new version of Pligg comes out. Continue reading »

Pligg Pro Shop Price and Support Changes

Tonight we have made a significant change to the Pligg Pro shop. Fellow developer Chuckroast and I (Yankidank) came to a decision that the number of hours that we were spending fixing user errors was becoming a problem. Many people purchasing modules were not reading the provided support documents or viewing videos that we provide on the product pages that demonstrate setting up and configuring modules or templates. Too many support tickets were being added and it was no longer economical for us to spend so much time working on these unnecessary support tickets. Continue reading »

Valentine’s Day Sale

This year we thought that we would show our love and appreciation to our users by offering everyone a 20% OFF coupon code to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Use the coupon code VALENTINES2011 during checkout to receive this discount on orders of $20 or more. Continue reading »

1.1.3 Voting Broken (With Fix)

Whoopsie! We seemed to forget to include some database changes in the installation files for the Pligg CMS 1.1.3 release. This resulted in the vote feature not working for new 1.1.3 installations. If you are upgrading your website from a previous version of Pligg, you can safely ignore this message. If you have installed Pligg 1.1.3 for the first time on December 28, 2010 or earlier you should continue reading for a quick fix. Continue reading »

Pligg CMS 1.1.3 Release

Today we announce the latest version of Pligg CMS, version 1.1.3. This version includes a few bug fixes, security updates, and a new and exciting voting method that makes use of the new Karma module. Karma has been a concept that has never been realized until these last few months. We are thrilled to finally provide Pligg users with a new way to encourage more participation on your websites through this new voting method. Continue reading »

Thanksgiving Updates

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This holiday season we will be celebrating our 5th year of development for Pligg CMS and we are excited about the amount of progress made over the past 18 months. Our previous release introduced some new features related to user Karma scores and a ranking system, and the next version of Pligg will make use of those Karma scores in a new voting method that is Karma weighted. More information on this update will be covered in a future blog article, but for now lets go over some equally exciting news… Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales! Continue reading »