Need a Developer? Try oDesk provides a really easy way to hire and manage developers online. The idea is pretty brilliant because it really streamlines the process for finding and hiring developers. The site pre-screens applications before they are able to be hired out from the site, helping guarantee that you don’t get stuck with a total noob. oDesk Continue reading »

Graphs: Educational and Fun!

A little over a week ago I was browsing through one of my new favorite sites for inspiration and had a great idea for Pligg, “let’s use graphs”! Oh sure, when you first think of a graph you immediately compare it to your TI-83 calculator and high school Algebra class. But graphs are some Continue reading »

Digg Now Offers Google IG Module

I’m sure that many of you reading this already have a Gmail account with Google and perhaps a few of you have tried out Google’s IG page. Basically Google IG is a personalized homepage for Google that lets you organize and add content in any fashion that you would want. Digg recently released a Google Continue reading »

Request a Tutorial

I was about to sit down and start working on some new flash video tutorials to help users learn how to use Pligg, but I realized that I don’t know what people want to learn about first. If anyone has a specific question that they would like answered in a flash tutorial please leave a Continue reading »

101 Days of Pligg

I woke up this morning with a weird feeling that Pligg was nearing it’s hundredth day of existence, so I checked how my domain registration date and found out that is 101 days old. In the 3+ months that Pligg has been around we have made some major improvements to the original Meneame code Continue reading »

Pligg Frappr Map

I saw that Meneame has a Frappr map to display all of the different locations for users. This gave me the idea to create a Pligg map to show who has installed Pligg across the globe. Do me a favor and take a moment to push a pin into our Frappr Map to show Continue reading »

Beta 7 Released

Yesterday AshDigg released Pligg Beta 7, a bit ahead of schedule (we were aiming for March 19). The version released is a bit trimmed down from what we were aiming for, but it was decided that it would be best to fix a lot of the bugs that came up with Beta 6’s introduction of Continue reading »


Two posts back I talked about 3bubbles, a very useful third party chat script that makes it easy for anyone to create their own chats for individual posts. Today I will talk about Gabbly, a similar program with some fresh ideas. 3bubbles and Gabbly differ enough so that they really aren’t competing for the same Continue reading »

New Template On The Way

Late last night I began work on what will be the fourth Pligg template to be created. The third template, created specifically for Beta 7, is well coded but doesn’t have that certain “Web 2.0” flare that captivates visitors. This fourth template will be one of two offered with the Beta 7 release. The other Continue reading »