Beta 8 Release Day

After testing two release canidates and months of waiting from the previous big release we have finally decided to present to the public our latest and greatest stable release of Pligg. Beta 8 has so many new features we really don’t even know how we can list them all, so for now we’re recommending that Continue reading »

New Forum Rules

Since I have seen so many repeat posts in the forum I have decided to force users to agree to the new forum rules before posting. This applies even to those who have posted in the past including myself, and I wrote the damn thing. Lately there haven’t been too many repeat posts so I’m Continue reading » Shut Down by Digg

In yet another case of “when trademarks go bad”, Digg has shutdown for trademark infringement. This is yet another reminder to Pliggers to NOT use the word Digg anywhere in their domain or site. We have seen a similar move from when (no longer around, but here’s a demo video) began redirecting links Continue reading »

I’m a Loser, Yet Again

My submission into Gizmodo’s “Show Us Your “Pod Giveaway” contest didn’t make it to first place (*shrug*). I did come close though, only 21 votes away from the first place video submission. What I’m most proud of is that most of Gizmodo’s registered users are smart enough to recognize that the first place submission was Continue reading »

I Need Your Votes!

After losing the CommandN geek photo contest I have decided to try to win another contest with the same photo on Amazingly, my entry is in second place and quickly making it’s way up the ranks. I’m still 25 votes shy (as of this blog entry) from claiming the prize, but I have faith Continue reading »

Long Time No Blog

Yeah, it’s been a while since my previous blog post. I have no excuses, besides being extremely lazy. Summer started, but I’m still studying at school trying to accelerate the learning process and get out into the real world. Ugh, the real world… where thing are expected of you and deadlines are set in stone. Continue reading »

Itzle Beta 2

I’m a huge fan of online social networking applications like 3bubbles (blog post) and Gabbly (blog post), and today I registered for a beta account with Itzle, a new app that provides much more than just a chat room. Itzle provides a virtual identity for chatting, including the ability to create your own custom character Continue reading »

Pligg Fundraiser

Even though Pligg is an open source project free for anyone to download or contribute to, we have found there is plenty of reasons to keep some capitol available to tap into every once in a while. One of our first thoughts would be hire professional designers and coders to take on some of the Continue reading »