Pagename Variables

Pligg CMS assigns ‘Pagename’ variables to PHP scripts as a way for template designers to figure out what script is being used to generate the page. Variables are often used in Pligg templates to determine whether or not you should display content by using template logic, much like how you can construct logical operators with programming languages such as PHP or JavaScript. This is useful when you want to set an ‘active’ state to an element like a navigation menu.

Pagename variables are defined in Pligg’s .php files to determine what page you are currently viewing. Typically the $pagename variable is equal to the name of the php file that is generating the page. Read the full post for code examples.

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Showcase Coming Soon

The new Showcase Gallery website, which will replace what was previously known as the Gallery site, will be re-launched soon. We are still developing a Pligg template that will be used for the re-launched gallery site. For those who are unfamiliar with this section of the site, it is where you can submit your site to be featured as a custom Pligg CMS powered website. It’s a simple way for you to show off your design and development skills, while at the same time advertise your site on for free. Continue reading »

Pligg 2.0 – Beta Testers Needed

We have decided to shake things up and refresh Pligg CMS with the next release and are in need of some beta testers to help us test development builds as we preview Pligg 2.0. The next generation of Pligg CMS will be using the same back-end PHP base from the 1.0 series, but the front end design will be drastically changed as we switch over to a template based on Twitter’s Bootstrap project. Continue reading »

Pligg Forum Improvements

About a week ago we temporarily took the forums online to upgrade vBulletin, the software that powers our bulletin board. We did this mainly to combat a growing spam problem, but the upgrade also comes with a number of new features that we have implemented. Some of the upgrades will be familiar features that have been updated, while others provide all new tools to improve the forums. Continue reading »